Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good Luck Participants of IronMan Langkawi 2009!

There will not be any update until i return from the race next week. For those that are keen to follow the race "live". You can do so at and browse through the website to track the participants' progress on Saturday 28th February 2009.

I will be bringing the family along this time around. And they will be my strength and sustanance on race day.

So, bring your strength. Bring a pic of your sustanace. Be it the chicken you rear, the dog you play with, the cat you sleep with, the car you love so much or even your smelly bolster that puts you to sleep everynight.

End of the day, we all need all the help and all the push we could get when the going gets tough.

PACE yourself. Stay FOCUSED. EAT when you feel good. DRINK to stay hydrated. ENJOY yourself.

The end of the IronMan is not the end of your journey yet, instead it is the start of a different stage in your life where you acheived and had beaten one person you have trained to beat so far.


Good Luck to all of you Participants. See you all in Langkawi.

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