Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines BRICK

Woke up at 5.30am and spent some time with my girlfriend Ordu.

Cycled to Putrajaya and bumped into Bernard on Kerinchi Highway heading the same direction.

Was trying to rush for time (back by 7.30am) and pedalled as hard and as fast as i could (to simulate longer distance). Clocked 1:05 the first 35km, which isn't bad with ave of 31km/h.

On the return journey, i passed Doc Raymond and his merry ironmen (and ladies) heading towards Putrajaya.

Everything was on schedule until i exited Kerinchi link when i had a blow out.

I braked to slow down and i swore the rear wheel buckled uncontrollably. I unclip just in case and accessed the damage. RIM-OK. Tubular tire (damn it, less than 200km) had a cut about 1.5mm right in the middle.

I had no space to change the tires and had to push for the next 1km to the nearest petrol station next to Eastin for repair work.

I had with me the Vittoria PitStop tire goo, which i thought would be a good opportunity to try it.

But as i suspected, the cut was too big for the goo to work. So, that's RM40 gone.

Luckily, i brought along my spare tubular and looked like i got anohter chance to practice with the CO2 canister.

Took me less than 5 minutes to get the new tubular on and inflated, infact, it was actually less than 4 minutes. The goo took much longer, and did not work.


So, lesson learnt - No tire sealant. YES CO2 canister!

I spent a good 10 minutes walking that 1km due to the cycling cleat and another good 30 minutes trying to use the goo and hope it works (so i could save RM120 on tubular tire) and i was back at 8.30am.

I then went for a short 5km run and managed it in almost PB timing of 26:00 (PB was 25:30).

I spent the next 200 odd meter fast walking.

This morning, i had a bad dream. It took me 7H 30 to complete 42.2km.

And aptly so, i woke up with a sore pain on my knee and decided to call off the 15km run i planned.

with less than 13 days to is just getting too stressful.

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