Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crazy Datsun 120Y

Any of you that is into drifting scene in the country would had come across a Datsun 120Y which were modded to drift.

Aptly named Crazy Datsun, she had a transplanted S13 under her hood (and into the driver cabin as well) and engine management were done from the 350Z ecu with piggyback chip.

S13 at 1bar boost

Bad pic of the ECU, but you get my "drift" la

The intercooler menacingly stretched between the two headlights and the all the wastegate does is "laughing" as you tries to play catch up.

last i saw something as big as this, it was on a truck

The 16 inch rim shod with 245/50 tires and with half roll cage installed, this car looked like some young dirty punk on steroid.

My mum even asked how come the car looked worse than my old KP61.

How did the S13 engine fits into the engine bay of the "i learn to drive in this car" car?

Well, a whole loads of engineering were involved and loads of angle bars and bodywork were involved to not only to hold the car together during the drifting races, but also to stiffen the car further.

This car has loads of parts sponsored by a lot of local company and it is a joy to see such unassuming car turned into something as bone shaking and fast.

So, the next time you see an old orange car running next to your more fancy Beemer 5series, do step on the pedal as this monster mutant will make you think twice why you even spent that much to get a so called "performance" car.

180km/h on 4th gear?

That's just breakfast to this car.

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