Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Triathlete On Budget : Your Own Elastic Shoelaces Replacement

Continuation of the Budget Triathlete last two weeks, I am sure many of you would had or considering to make the foam roller yourself at cost less than RM10. Maybe i should make a few and sell them at RM15 each as side income?
Yes, like seriously.
Today, I shall share a very workable solution for those troublesome shoelaces. Some of our feet (both sides included) are not the same. This explained why shoes of the same size fits differently. Tip when you buy a shoe is to always try on BOTH sides and buy the size bigger to fit the larger feet.
Soaking them in near ZERO degree C water would not shrink your feet to fit a wrongly sized shoe ya.
Anyway, back to the topic. Most of us known of those rubberized bungee cord that are colorful and has something that keep the elastic band from slipping. No brands mentioned here as this entry are meant to provide an alternative.
Self-made elastic laces used during Sabah Adventure Challenge 2011

This is what you need:
1. 2m of elastic cord. These are your normal rubber garter that can be purchased from sewing shops. If you grow up in a city all your life and never been to one, this will be tough task for you. There are two major type of elastic garters - flat and round. Get the round type. As for cord thickness, it is subjective. I usually get the thicker cord. However, last weekend, I decided to experiment with the thinner cord for that "minimalist look like pro" look.
2. Stoppers - these could be purchased at the same place. You just have to be creative enough to tell the uncle/auntie what you looking for. Get the stoppers that suits your elastic cords. There are some that has two hole. 
(From Top to Bottom) Original Cascadia lace, Keen Lace and the Elastic Lace
As you can see, the elastic lace were so thin, likely 1/5 of the usual lace thickness. Being elastic, it has it's breaking (stress) point as well and i believe as long as I do not over-stretch it, it will be alright.
Comparison of the thickness of the laces
A gram-granny (someone that is very particular about weight of their equipments, down to the grams) will tell you that the elastic band will shave off up to 50grams (estimated, typical 150cm). But that is often easier achieved if you just lose that 1kg (fat) off your body ;-). 
So, all you ever need to do is to replace the original lace with the elastic band and you get the alternative to tying shoelaces!
Dual colored elastic for wifey's Keen. Notice the elastic stopper (transparent)
The total cost for 4m worth of elastic and 4 stoppers came up less than RM5. It is more than sufficient to tie it on 2 pairs of shoes with balance enough for possibly one more pair.
Pretty eh?
I took the shoes and the laces out for a test drive and happy to say that it survived the high intensity run in Kiara. My shoes stayed on my feet. But as it was the first time experimenting on a thinner elastic cord, i brought along my laces - just in case...
Staying put after 7km!


  1. where can i get colored elastic cords? orange? grey?

    please help Sifu..

    1. Bandit - when i go again, i get you some. Orange and Grey? OK, i try find. The sewing shop has t's eye brow lifted high when i told him what i am going to do...ahhaha

  2. Where to look for the two hole stoppers Stupe? Quite hard to find la that one.

    1. Same place you get those garters. :) Sewing shops usually sell them. Email me at opstupe at gmail dot com and i will let you know where.