Friday, October 26, 2012

Remembering Cheah Meei Meei 1976-2012

The running circle was shaken and shocked by the passing of a fellow runner and friend last Friday. I first got to know about it via Tey Eng Tiong's Facebook update. It looked unbelievable. Just two weeks before her passing, I was escorting her in the Salomon XTrail run. I was given the task to follow/lead the women runner - and she happened to be the fastest one.
Meei Meei chasing after me
A week later, she joined the Perhentian Island Challenge and ended up as Women Elite Champion.
Meei Meei with Mich (second place) and another runner. 
It was also then that i read on Mich's FB update that she was down with food poisoning right after the race.

 It was then followed by Tey's update on a group of people having "food poisoning".
It was estimated up to 30 persons had the "food poisoning". One of them was Singapore Mad Runner that upon advise/reading about Meei Meei's passing, gotten himself checked for "suspected" Leptospirosis.
Meei Meei's passing was a lost to many. I was of no exception. Though i do not know her well, but the measure of a (wo)man is the words said about the person when they pass on. There was only good things to say about Meei Meei. The running circle was very open in telling it - even though we all know Meei Meei would not be able to read them anymore. After finishing the Putrajaya Night Half-Marathon, i drove myself to Meei Meei's home. I felt that i need to pay my last respect to this person - and what a relevation i got when i got to know her a bit more. Meei Meei is not just any "runner". She was a daughter, friends to many and an multi-talented person. As I arrived at her home, there were a whiteboard made by friends and family to remember her. This is just a fraction of what was there.
 Yes. Meei Meei was the country first female horse jockey. She has won a few races and a quick check on the Internet returned a news about Meei Meei's involvement with horses.

You will be remembered Meei Meei. May you rest in peace.


  1. R.I.P. Meei Meei by Tey ET.

  2. RIP meei meei. Stupe, thanks for writing it . I shall link it from my blog too..

  3. Rest In Peace. wanita yang hebat!

  4. We miss you meei meei - kjteoh