Thursday, October 04, 2012

Dinner Suggestion : Pumpkin Soup

This is a WIN. Easy to prepare and full of nutrition to aid in recovery and also provides more than sufficient nutrition for a day. Preparation is simple and takes no more than 30minutes.
Here is What You Need (serves four)
1. Half a pumpkin
You dice the pumpkin into chunks to fit into a steamer. Else, you can always steam the pumpkin with the skin intact and later scoop the pumpkin out if you are too lazy to cut them. As the steamer we have is rather small, we opted to cut it into chunks.
Steaming - typically 20minutes
2. One carrot and One Onion, cut out and placed into a blender. Shred to smooth consistency
Don't like onion? no problem, just don't use it!
Almost ready!
Once the pumpkin is soft, drop them into the blender and mash them up. Then, you put everything into a pot and add in a cup of water while heating all of it up. Stir the mixture constantly to prevent the bottom from burning up (so use medium heat) and to give the whole content a good mix. Adjust the consistency based on your liking. We like our soup thick and with texture and a cup of water does more than it should - remember, the pumpkin, carrot and onion has liquid too!
Once the mixture starts to bubble, switch off the gas and it is ready to serve! 
Ooooo...I am hungry now!
As you noticed, there was no seasoning whatsoever that was put in while cooking. This is where you can exercise some personal preferences with the addition of salt and pepper to add a bit more zing to the soup. To complete the meal, you can always toast a piece of bread (we made our own), spread butter on it and dip it into the soup!
Anyone wants a bite?
As we made the soup for four, we have enough to be stored to be eaten the next day. Remember to keep them in the freezer and all you need to do is to just remove frozen soup, put into a pot, reheat and you have yet, another meal! 
Estimated calories per serving (or about 250ml or a cup) is about 400kcal. I will not be too worry about the carb-protein-fat breakdown as there is no other ingredient involved other than the three simple items you can walk into any supermarket and buy off the shelves. 


  1. Perfect timing for the month of October. My husband and I can buy extra pumpkin while shopping for pumpkins for our kids to carve. We'll tell the kids we made the soup out of the pumpkin that was laying outside.

    Thank you for the detailed post. We love cooking meals that can be reheated the next day. It saves a lot of time while keeping the quality intact.

    1. Awesome Snorkel Jane! We keep a serving or two for those time where we do not have the luxury of time (or food) for a full meal. :)

      Glad this help!

  2. one of my fav soup. i usually add nuts and extra virgin olive oil just before serving. excellent.

    1. I couldn't agree more as pumpkin is superb and nutritional!