Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Borneo International Marathon 2013

Borneo International Marathon or BIM as it is fondly known will take place on May 5th in 2013. With 6 months to plan, runners can start scouring for the best deal in flights and hotel. 
Start Line in 2012. Photo from Borneo International Marathon website
This year, the run took place on May 9, 2012 and myself and wifey took a late flight into Kota Kinabalu to run the race the very next morning. More photos and race report of the 2012 race in my blog entry here.
At her fittest. Second marathon within two weeks of running Bali Marathon. A feat she never thought she could do.
The race registration has not started yet but the details of the fees and race, has been confirmed in the website here.
Is it just me, or races are just getting way too expensive???
Race Route
If you are interested to run it, this was the 2012 route and i do not suspect it will change much. 
The 42km route
The race starts early aka 3am and cuts off at 9.30am (6:30 cut off). Kota Kinabalu gets bright early and you can expect to see break of dawn at about 5.30am. First stretch of the race will bring you from Stadium Likas towards the Tg Aru area, passing the Airport. Then you back track to run towards Universiti Malaysia Sabah and make a U-turn. You will run pass 1Borneo and the route is scenic only when you run along the main road aka Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen.
If you do not mind budget accommodation with no frills (I am not talking about that Red Hotel), backpacker's lodge is likely the best compromise. With the rooms typically clean and comfortable and smack right in the centre of the town, if will offer direct access to shops and food for pre and post run sightseeing and meals. We stayed in Borneo Backpacker. At RM70/room with aircond but sharing common toilet/bath, it promises some privacy and opportunity to rest without your bunk mate tossing and turning around the lower bunk.
Model not included
Final Tip
The race organiser has race pick up and drop off arrangement at RM10/trip. You will have this option upon registration. Do not try to save on this as a taxi ride between the town (Mile Zero) and Stadium Likas is RM30 one way. Best if you just pay the bus - and the pick up point is right where all the backpacker's lodges are.
Hope to see you all there!


  1. Replies
    1. A better one would be Bali Marathon which we took part 2 weeks before Borneo. That one was awesome. :) I hope they bring it back (Bali Marathon). :)

  2. After BIM 2012, my friend & I have set our minds to go for 2013. We even planned on where to eat (Little Italy is a must) hehe :P

    1. Little Italy is good. :) Funny how these smaller less prominent joints serves you above average food compared to bigger "italian" names ;-) Hope to see you there (aka, i have not decided)

  3. Coincidentally I was researching on this last night. Thanks for the post. It will be my first time and hope that it will be a good experience

  4. Johnson - From my past experiences, it will be!