Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Life Flashes In Front Of You

Hi all. As some of you might already know, my wife was hit from the back by a lady riding a motorbike at Putrajaya about 9.30am. She was rushed to the Putrajaya Hospital A&E where she was immediately stabilised. X-rays were taken of the whole body to determine any fractures. There were fragments of bones at the left cheek and multiple road abrasions on the shoulder, hands, knee consistent with a fall from a moving bicycle. CT Scan confirmed fracture at T12 aka the back bone after the ribcage. Luckily, the fracture is stable and missed the spinal cord. So yes, I am very lucky to still have my wife.
I Apologise for not updating the blog the past two days though it is another commitment of mine. The blog will be back to the scheduled posting tomorrow. I will update this incident for future reading separately in another blog entry once i get enough of rest and ensure my wife is recovering better. We are going to the IPD in Putrajaya to get her bike back and to lodge a Polis report.


  1. Wow. This is so lucky of her. I won't say get well soon as this is not a very sincere wish. Instead, I hope that she can recover and become a lot stronger in the process.

    Luckily it was not a car... Thanks to God.

  2. I can't imagine how our worlds would change is anything worse happened to Aileen.
    Carrot cakes,
    Cat whiskers,
    Chinese new year gatherings,
    Close friend (most important)

    but fortunately, she is still with us (as you said "I am very lucky to still have my wife")..

    get some rest bro.. knowing you, you'd be on your reserve batteries by now, and knowing Aileen, she'd be worried about you not getting enough rest.. so again, your call to take a rest is a good one..

  3. No need for apologies bro, you have your priorities right. Glad to know she is ok and on the road to recovery. Get well soon Aileen!


  4. Take care both of u.. *hugs and hugs* from me!

  5. Sorry to hear that bro, praise God that she is okay. Recover soon...

  6. Wish your wife a speedy recovery.

    I hope you have got the details of the culprit too for the purposes of the police report.


  7. Wishing your wife a speedy recovery, Stupe. She's a strong lady. She'll be back on her feet in no time :)

  8. I believe an athlete (your wife) can recover very fast and become stronger than before. She will be able to run with you again sooner than you thought.

  9. Another thing, don't worry about your blog posting. I have read less than 5% of your blogs and there are still many previous subjects to go for me to read.

  10. TriStupe, hello! So sorry to hear about the accident. Hope she will get well soon.

  11. thanks all. Ride/run/swim safely, as you never know if an idiot suddenly appears out of no where and change your life forever.

  12. Thank God,she's alright! I wish her a speedy recovery. Make sure she gets loads of TLC :-)

  13. Amin told us about it. Hope she is getting better.

    1. thanks Johnson. My regards to the Runnerbees and thanks for the get well flowers!