Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mission For Missing Children

There is a new "movement" among a group of athletes that has been in existence for the past couple of months. I first encountered them during Desaru Triathlon that they had a support/refreshment station set outside Desaru Pulai. 
Photo from MfMC Facebook Page
Known as Mission For Missing Children or MfMC for short, It aims 
"To create awareness on missing children and to provide information and alert on missing children."
Find them on Facebook and Twitter
In existence since August 2012, they aim to create and raise awareness for adults, especially parents with young children. As they rightly said, the current system is reactive rather than proactive. Only when there were missing children the general public starts to "cry". Here is their Mission Statement.
Straight forward and informational
You can follow them at their official blog and myself as a parent and an athlete see no reasons why i should not help in promoting and sharing this good initiatives with everyone. If you feel that you can help and do your bits, perhaps, "LIKE" their Facebook page and "FOLLOW" their twitter would be a good start. Help promote their blogpage too. They need the exposure.
Remember, It is not just for fun, it is for a reason.

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  1. I have to say that is a beautiful thing you athletes are doing. Being able to help out and give back is a really awesome thing to hear.