Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Triathlon Store To Get WetSuit In Malaysia

Malaysia lacks in a complete triathlon (online) store where you can surf right in and buy the items that will help you in the sports of Swim.Bike.Run. We do have, but the selections is not complete. Perhaps due to the infancy of the sports until the recent years.

Dream Big. Dream Fast. 
That's the tag line that you will see when you surf right into It is a fitness site that specializes in triathlon gear and apparel. 
The recent concluded Xterra Offroad Triathlon in Malaysia has seen the opportunity for locals to take part in the World Championship in Maui. And to swim anywhere outside of Malaysia (when it comes to triathlon), a wetsuit is either compulsory or encouraged. Malaysia has no specific triathlon wetsuit store and the does carry the best brands in wetsuits.

Swim Bike Run, Repeat.
Malaysia triathlon scene has been evolving and in the recent years has seen superb growth with awareness in the sports. More newbies taking up the sports and more are being hooked to the adrenaline of the Swim - Bike - Run way of life. Truly, why get stuck to one sports when you can do all three?
Meanwhile, surf into and check the selections out! 


  1. Great post & information. This really helps the triathletes that sourcing for wetsuits

    FYI, just got my DeSoto wetsuit from 1 of the triathlon shop in KL ;)

  2. Good info for the newbies looking for wetsuits. I got my 2-piece wetsuit from 1 of the tri-shop located in Kuala Lumpur. I have seen friends bought from online but the fitting is an issue. Eventually, it maybe wasted if not fit properly. Personally, I feel fitting is very important since the suit will be the second skins during the swim leg. Though slightly pricey, but it is a zero-risk getting wrong-size suit.

    my 2 cents. Keep up the posting! Thank you.

    1. I own a company in Australia called - we are all about getting great gear out at a great price. I an looking for a person or shop to distribute our gear in Malaysia and Singapore. Just woundering if you had any contacts you could put me in touch with?
      Thanking you
      Bill Abram

  3. Hi, just wanted to make contact with you. I am the Director of Sport at KTJ International School in NS. Do you know of any cycling teams, tri teams or groups that cycle in and around the area (Putrajaya, Negeri Sembilan etc) I am in desperate need of finding some training partners!

    1. Hi Steve. Yes. I do know groups that cycle around that area. drop me an email at opstupe at gmail dot com