Thursday, May 23, 2013

Skechers GoBionicRide Unboxing

I had good experiences running in the GoBionic and has since retired this first pair about 1 month plus ago. Having clocked very decent mileage on the shoes and scored a few personal best timing on the superlight minimalist Skechers Performance Shoe, I am of course, on the look out for "the next best thing". As I am under the sponsorship of 2ndSkin Asia, which collaborate with Skechers Malaysia, I recieved a pair of just launched GoBionicRide.
GoBionicRide- - The Box
Going according to the Skechers' naming convention, the word "Ride" usually meant a "plushier" setting. Having the GoBionic (minimalist) going cushion-y is sort of a contradiction, no? I am about to find out as I go through the differences between the original GoBionic against the new GoBionicRide.
Came nicely wrapped back from the shop
Black is Back
Lets get the similarity out of the way first. Both the GoBionic and GoBionicRide share the same features such as the Resalyte sole, the M-strike technology, The 4mm drop (GoBionic is ZERO Drop) and independent pods at the sole. Other similarity is that I took the same size (US10). This was tested at the shop using socks that I will wear with the shoes.
The similarities
Another similarity is the tongue is sewn to the top. This help in fast wearing/transition as the tongue will never be in the way.It also help prevent small stones or sand from getting in should you run past anything (sandy) like that.
Sewn tongue to top
I know this post is supposed to the the "unboxing" post. Saved for the similarity, this entry will concentrate on the differences and if it will make a differences or influences your purchase.
Could very well passed off as an Original GoBionic
As a curious user, I would obviously be on the look out for the major differences between the two shoes. If you just take a glance, there is no significant differences other than the perforation of the sockliner as shown in the photo above.
That is, until you dig deeper.
One of the more essential part to this shoe and I have learnt how something this simple makes a lot of differences to the shoe's ride. The GoBionicRide sockliner is harder, thicker and perforated when compared to the original GoBionic.
GoBionic on top. GoBionicRide bottom.
The thickness of the GoBionicRide is about 50% more when compared to the GoBionic.
As seen and gauge from eye
This has perhaps has claimed to add to the "Ride" factor. Noticeably, the GoBionicRide sockliners are stiffer too.
Stiff vs flaccid. No pun intended.
The Sole
The heart of the shoe. How does the GoBionicRide measures against the GoBionic in terms of sole thickness? 
Looked similar
If you ignore the color-scheme of the sole, you will see that the GoBionicRide is thicker than the GoBionic. If you pay careful attention to where the "V" notch starts, you will see the differences in thickness between the Ride and non-ride.
Look at the 3-dash on the GoBionicRide (bottom), the middle dash and the V-notch directly over it shows you the differences in thickness for the same section of the shoe.
This carry over the front portion of the shoe too, where it is significantly thicker there as well.
Look at the V-notch again.
I kept referring to the V-notch as that is the part where you can visibly see where the sole meet the bottom of the shoe. If you remember my review on GoBionic, i did note the "gap" there to be see through. That is the thickness of the sole at the part shown.
If that is not convincing enough, how about me squeezing/pressing the shoe last down to show the differences in thickness? Maybe this will show the differences better.
GoBionicRide with significantly thicker sole.
There you have it. Minor changes to the sole and make the differences to the whole plushness of the shoe.
Internal Construction
This is where your feet will meet the shoe and if done wrongly, will greatly cause discomfort and in worse case scenario, blisters.
Significantly different between the two shoes
If you look at the GoBionic, you will notice that the inner part are sewn on the mid-upper side of the shoe. This has offered much comfort for me as I can wear the shoe without socks and sockliner.
Closer look in GoBionic
If you take note of it, It is obvious that the GoBionicRide des not have the inner portion sewn like the GoBionic internally. I am very curious if this will cause any problems on the run without socks and socksliner.
Closer look at GoBionicRide
The Independent Pods
Similar to the GoBionic, the GoBionicRide has 18 independent pods on the sole.  Differences this time is that the part from Heel to Midfoot is solid and not perforated. Photo below shows how lights get through the front portion of the sole when held against lights. This is how minimalist the shoe will be if worn without the sockliner.
Interesting eh?
There are a few improvement to the GoBionicRide compared to the GoBionic where the placement of harder wearing materials are concerned. Bear in mind that this is a plushier ride compared to the more minimalist GoBionic. Essentially, they are what we would say "same same, but different".
Where the lights come through
Comparing both the shoes, you will see the immediate differences where and how the pods changed.
Midfoot and forefoot. Wear pad (black) layout
The part of the heel too, went through changes in the Ride version. Most notable is that the heel section of the GoBionicRide is not perforated like the GoBionic, apart from the additional pad on the shoe.
Notice the differences?
All these changes/addition to the good old GoBionic is what added to the cushioning and ride profile of the shoe. And obviously, with additional thickness and changes, the weight too, will change. But are they significant?
Weighing In
Both shoes are US Size 10 the weigh differences is only 20 grams (+/- 5grams) per side. Impressive even with the additional cushioning for the GoBionicRide
180grams GoBionicRide
200grams GoBionicRide
In my opinion, the shoe is already light enough and the minute addition is hardly felt. Skechers, as they are, even the most "cushion" shoe in GoRunRide, is light. Some might even felt the shoe might not perform due to the construction and this has been proven untrue by (the skeptical) me.
Want to make the shoes lighter? Remove the sockliners (GoBionicRide weigh in at 10grams as opposed to 5grams for GoBionic - the sockliners)
Other Differences
Upon closer inspection, I found the back of the shoe aka the heel to be significantly different. The GoBionicRide has higher back and it is more structured/stiffer.
Nice Rear
What I meant is that the back portion on the GoBionicRide is more structured. You can't press the back portion down like GoBionic.
See the differences?
In my opinion, this has no implication to the comfort. Some people I spoke to previously were skeptical about the softer-than-usual back portion. For me, it worked fine. No issues at all. And looking at the side profile, I now know why the GoBionicRide is taller at the back - thicker heel section.
By a few millimeters
And again, the softness-structured differences between the two. I find it interesting that despite all these addition, the GoBionicRide still come in 20grams more only. Imagine if it does without all these addition other than addition to the sole!
No differences to comfort
Next : The Ride Review

Note: This pair of Skechers GoBionicRide is sponsored by Skechers Malaysia via collaboration with 2ndSkin Asia Athletes program. Thank you Skechers Malaysia and 2ndSkin! This pair of GoBionicRide retail for RM369 (Women) and RM399 (Men) and is available at all Skechers store.


  1. It's an awesome pair of shoes. Been using it for most of my training runs. Since my actual race shoe is the GObionic, this works just fine for training.

    1. I must think like you now. Reserve GoBionic for race. Use GoBionicRide for training. :)

      THanks for sharing!

  2. Hi there,

    What would be the forefoot height of the Bionic Rides? I have tried searching for the specs online to no avail. Much thanks if you can help.

    Sketchers has been producing brilliant shoes. I have the GoRun Ride 2 and it is one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I've owned :) The Bionic might be the next purchase!

    1. GoBionicRide is 4mm drop. I do not have info on the drop at the front though.

      GoBionic however, is ZERO drop. :)

      I love my GoRUn2 as well. Now testing the GoMeb. Will feedback.