Friday, March 22, 2013

Team Williams-Renault Formula One :Clio RS 200 EDC Launched

I was fortunate to be invited for an event where I get to meet the Team Williams F1 drivers while they were in town for this weekend's Sepang F1 race.
Official invite
Even better was the event were to launch the first Clio RS 200 EDC in conjunction for this weekend's F1. I will write about the car later (though a test drive around Sepang would be good too ;-) *hint)
The New Ride
By 6.15pm, the group of Renault RS owners drove up to Menara Felda at Jalan Stonor. 
Polished and Fast.
Sharp at 6.30pm a rumble were heard from the end of the building and the Clio RS 200 EDC zoomed into the lobby area of Menara Felda. It was driven by Team Williams F1 driver Pastor Maldonado and Valtteri Bottas.
Life in slower motion for them F1 Driver
Pastor Maldonado is from Venezuala (the country where a lot of Ms. Universe came from) and has won from pole position in the Spanish GP 2012.
Always smiling
The teammate, Valtteri Bottas, hail from Finland and is the current "fastest" rookie having to make his debut in Australian GP 2013.
The partnership between Team Williams F1 and Renault F1 goes a long way back with Team Williams using Renault engine in 1989 -1999 seasons. They then made a return to Renault starting 2012 and finished 8th in 2012 season.
Very accommodative and super nice people
The event started off with a review of the new Clio RS 200 EDC by both drivers. It came as no surprise when both the drivers gave their thumbs up to the new car.
The new hot Clio is powered by a 1.6 litre turbocharged engine with 200 hp at 6,000 rpm and 240 Nm expected between 1750rpm to 5400rpm. This car was unveiled only in September 2012 making Malaysia the first country in Asia (ahead of the usual Singapore) to see it. The unit were flown in (left hand drive) and a check with Renault confirms that it will only be available fourth quarter of the year. At point of writing, there is no official price list or accessories - so what you see here could not be representative of the actual model available locally. Living to the RS name, launch control is standard with two mode - Sports and Race to thrill the driver behind the wheels (and possible the passengers too).
Complex, yet sexy lines - even the back
The Clio RS 200 EDC comes in what Renault term as "Liquid Yellow". The metallic color is deeper and more lustre unlike the usual "flat yellow" I've seen on the road.
1.6ltier Turbocharged with F1 technology
The organisers then got the F1 drivers to attempt to flip Roti Canai and pour Teh Tarik. I was more worried they will hurt themselves ahead of the F1 race this weekend.

Both the drivers were good sports as evident in the video. They actually looked as if they enjoyed it. 
Easy does it
Careful there!
It was a short press conference after that followed by giving out of autographed postcards and caps. I was lucky enough to bring home some souviniers. 
Enjoy the photos taken by myself here.
Almost A Grid Girl
Renault. Unmistakenably.
Lined Up.
Bottas answering questions

Looking worried
Careful there!



Renault's Reza Mutalib wishing Bottas luck for the weekend's race
With the RS Owners

All mine!

All I need now is for them to win some races ;-)