Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Save Bukit Kiara Walk March 17, 2013 Report

On the morning of March 17, 2013,  group of concerned residences and friends of Bukit Kiara gathered outside Wisma Bakti as early as 7.30am to sign petitions against more development in the vicinity of Bukit Kiara. More specifically, there main reason was to garner support from everyone presence  There has been a lot of things that happened at Bukit Kiara. From the erection of haphazardly built mile-high fencing (to so-call demarcate property lines) to blatant cutting of existing trees (to plant non-ingenious trees) and even building more buildings under the pretext of "development". Those staying along Jalan Haji Abang Openg would know the amount of land clearing and construction work that has done right outside their home.
If you want to know more about what Berjaya Corporation Berhad is planning to do to part of Bukit Kiara that they "owned"...read this : Letter to Mr. Prime Minister
If you are too lazy to click on the link above, this is what Berjaya plans to do:
  • an Eco-Hospital
  • International School together with hostel facilities and swimming pool
  • Huge Stadium
  • Community Hall
  • Exhibition Hall
  • 4-storey building for commercial trading
  • 4 Blocks of 4-storey residences and
  • 1,000 car parks
And where will this be situated? It will be RIGHT at the foothill of Bukit Kiara. Here, look at the existing condition...that is (still) GREEN.
Existing GREEN LUNG stretching from Wisma Bakti to Water Tank near Guardhouse
Now, the "Masterplan". Note that "pink" squares denote, yes, buildings. Whatever they are there for, only Berjaya knows.
Residents along Jalan Haji Abang Openg already witness the land-clearing next to WIM and Wisma Bakti. The Spastics building is brand new. More to come soon if this doesn't stop.
Many people that came this morning was not aware of the gathering. Some were downright pissed as the participants blocked their road to drive up to the guardhouse to park. Little did they know that if this development happen, they can KISS Bukit Kiara goodbye.
Volunteers limiting traffic to enter the road leading up to Bukit Kiara. The car owner (nice car) decided to pick a verbal fight with Col (R) Lai. Such ungentlemanly behaviour and these are the same people that has given DBKL JUSTIFICATION to building a 3-storey carpark to "cater for public"
The crowd started trickling in at 8am and a lot of them were seen buying the "Save Bukit Kiara" T-shirt for RM12. Only size L, XL and XXL were available. These were the balance of the T-shirts that were printed back in first walk last year. The charges were to cover the printing and T-shirt costs. All collection goes to the cause to "Save Bukit Kiara". 
I estimated about 2000 people (estimated from the signed petition) showed up to support the cause. Those that showed up were there to help champion the cause - for each value what the future will hold for Bukit Kiara. Most, if not all, were aware on how Bukit Gasing has been raped (and still in the process of stripping off the greens at some portion) and the destruction that has been brought forth by greedy developers. Do we want to see this happening in Bukit Kiara?
The decision by High Court that has favoured Berjaya (wow! Rejoice!)
What they planned to do...like, seriously.
Today's attendance at about 200 people (on my estimates) is a small number. I am not going to inflate it as it was what it was. I sure hope the number were small because the others that were aware of this had some more important errands to run and were there in spirit with the rest of us.
More behind me as they geared up for the walk
A big crowd were seen signing the petition to stop Berjaya Corporation Berhad from proceeding with their plans above. One thing i find a bit nauseating was that they also plan to "create private entrance to Kiara Trails!".
Support by signing the petition
I was there, together with my friends and the general public to walk the short 1km uphill to show support against anymore development in Bukit Kiara. The government has promised to gazette Bukit Kiara as a Green Lung, but all we had seen were nothing and it was disappointing. Land clearing up certain trails to accommodate heavy machines has left the beautiful trails in disdain. With rain and thunderstorm happening every now and then, it is matter of time before more slopes are compromised due to the missing "natural soil anchors" aka roots that held the slopes together. 
A safety briefing before the walk commence
Indeed, with the planned development that will encroach up to midway point (from the lower guardhouse), Bukit Kiara will lose at least 30% of it's world class trails and greeneries. Why replace the nature with buildings that are "ecologically" friendly? While the idea is good, we all know that enforcement of "green building" and constructions in Malaysia are near to nil - unless some mishaps happen.
The Magic of Bukit Kiara - how long will it last?
Madam Lim has written a good article here published in Malaysian Insider and TRAKS. Have you stand up for Bukit Kiara? I know I did and will continue to do so. Spread the words around - lest all you wanted to see in front of your home one day is buildings and more buildings. Stop unnecessary development and let them confined to the real commercial area - not where nature are!

Berjaya Corporation Berhad - THEY DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT US!


  1. I wish I could participate in this event, I almost run here every weekend (route around the lake, not the trail).Too bad I was engaged in Malakoff Penang 17km event on that day.

    1. You should try to run the trails. :) It is more fun inside. :)

  2. How and when did Berjaya get the land? What we know is that the land was acquired many years ago by the government. Or has Berjaya owned the land all along?

    1. Anon - only those in power will know. Now that Berjaya has it...doesn't make much differences as the court already given the land to Berjaya. Now, what we all can do is to stop it, as much as we could. :)

  3. i wasn't aware about the gathering until your post.. although i don't normally go Bkt Kiara, but i would like to be in the loop of what's going on, especially where there's green concern.. pls advise, thanks!

    1. WhoIsNell - come back to the blog for more. I will post updates over the next few days on Bukit Kiara.

      THanks for the support.