Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Save Bukit Kiara Walk March 17, 2013

This was shared with me from TRAKS website. There will be a walk to exert pressure with regards to the recent land gazzette to Berjaya development plan that includes building more highrise and buildings in Bukit Kiara.
It will happen on the 17th March at 8am. Everyone to assemble infront of Wisma Bakti aka at the bottom of the foothill near the road entrance to KLGCC (Taman Tun side).
The organiser (TRAKS and FoBK) has suggested to walk to the top Guard House wearing the "Save Bukit Kiara" T-shirt. If you do not have that, no worries as your participation count more than that.
So, do you want to see trees being eaten up and building being planted? Make your choice for possibly the last untouched green lung in Kuala Lumpur!
That is a whole load of rubbish! Image taken/shared from KLMBH facebook page


  1. I plan to go support! Wear road shoes can kan? I don't have trail shoes. :P p.s. Have shared out your post on FB Page.

    1. The part everyone will be walking is on Tarmac. :) I can always bring you into part of the trail to let you rasa ;-)

  2. The walk itself is on the jogger tarmac road going up the hill from BAKTI to the cross roads. Maybe a 20 minute walk.

    Besides Berjaya's impending development of the 62.5acres along the SPRINT highway by the science center, many other forested parts of Kiara are in jeopardy. The northwest end at Thunder Valley is currently being plowed. The northeast side has housing finished, and encroaching over the boundary by 20 meters it is said. There's Berjaya's chunk, which is half grassland already and they want to build an 'eco'hospital, condo, commercial buildings, 1000 carparks if we do nothing. Finally the southwest end has three workmen on it right now, drilling wholes and testing the soil for pilings. This is where The Office trail sits, and Jabatan Landscrape Negara (JLN) wants to build a 3 story car park, visitor center, flower shops, round-about, a food court, and another hillside carpark. Their proceeding with their crazy plan from last year, see for yourself on JLN's artist impression and construction plans (attached). The incomplete fence was just a minor annoyance to JLN, as is the Rakyat's opinion.

    I suggest on 17 March you walk off the tarmac from BAKTI through The Office, while you still can, and see for yourself if you really need to park your car there.

    1. Anon (though i have an idea who you are based on the writing),

      The walk itself will be a short one, but I have taken the liberty to take a group into the trail - more so for better appreciation of what is inside there. So, Magic Carpet and Office+Overtime will be in the program :)

      See you there ;-)