Thursday, March 21, 2013

Save Bukit Kiara : Berjaya vs. DBKL Court Case Rewind

Much has been said about Bukit Kiara. Curious onlookers and even people claiming to know what is happening or will happen to Bukit Kiara. My involvement with Bukit Kiara started back when I saw how the trails were slowly being wiped out with the erection of the fences. Much of the post references could be obtained by searching my blog for the Save Bukit Kiara tag. My first blog entry on this was in May 2012, perhaps a few months too late as I was grasping on what was actually happening in Kiara.
Actual photo of destruction as of May 2012.
Moving on 8 months later, everyone were upset when Berjaya (Corporation Berhad) managed to win a case against DBKL and obtained right to develop 25hectares of land right next to the Jogging (tarmac) trails
Favouring Bukit Kiara Resort Berhad no less.
DBKL lost the case to take back the land and Berjaya won. This means DBKL MUST continue to allow Berjaya to "develop" the 25 hectares / 62.5 acres where their Bukit Kiara Resort Sdn Bhd has built a polo ground (read: grassland) and now wants to build the following by cutting down the remaining forest there: an Eco [sic]-hospital with 150 beds; 4 blocks / 162 units of serviced residences; a multipurpose hall with 400 parking bays, yet another international school, a hostel, swimming pool, expo hall, 4-storey shop lots, a huge stadium, 1000 carparks, and ironically a private access road to the Kiara walking trails!

This Lot 54312 of 62.5acres is right next to the jogging tarmac loop, two pristine streams of Ulu Penchala, the Bar-a-Kuda trail. While the Tun Abdullah Badawi Government decided to make Lot 54314 part of the Taman Awam Berskala Besar (TABB), Berjaya has continued to block this from being gazetted, now with this verdict. Berjaya already runs the horse club (polluting Sg Penchala at source) on 28hectars / 69acres, and is hell bent on privatizing and developing the next lot of 25h/62.5a which is what the protest walk is about.

The most disgusting thing about how all these has been decided was based on "Oral Agreement" between the two parties.
Yes, you read it right. ORAL AGREEMENT. No black or white.
Woohoo! Not.
“Experience your very own private paradise”, after Berjaya clears and cements our public forest and sells it to the highest bidders! Shhhesh!
There was another document (court) that noted the application for "additional land" to be developed as a "polo ground and grandstand". This point to Lot 54312. Page 21 of 30 in the document noted that it was allowed - based on the "to be developed into a polo field and a grandstand".
And will there be a Polo Ground or will there be a Hospital, School, halls, Residences....
And if you want to read about how these two lovers fought for the land in a 30-page ruling, click here:
Yesterday, we see some "link" or some form of "compensation" to this whole "oral agreement" thing. While it is claimed to be for Lahad Datu, I sure hope it is for Lahad Datu...for if Berjaya do want to help the folks in Lahad Datu, why the need to pass it through the "BN Federal Territory initiative"? 
Tell me this is not a coincidence. You judge for yourself. My mind could be too clouded (fighting for this cause) and could had seen these too differently (or critically).
I hope I am wrong.
And yes, I will share more things in my blog on this soon. We have not look into what Jabatan Lanskap Negara under the Local Housing Ministry is planning to do to 14ha of Bukit Kiara...yet. But rest assured, the damages and land clearing has already started right under our nose despite the "Call For Dialogue". 
What it is now, March 2013. Clear Cut denotes - Everything has been Cut and CLEARED!


  1. makes ones blood boil does it not? the arrogance and nonchalance of the legally protected who listen not to the voice of the people but stay up on their high horses (pun intended) and insist they have the public interest at heart....
    BUT I digress.... KUDOS on shedding light on the shadows and doubts... and digging up the TRUTHS behind this.
    Seems like JLN was NEVER sincere about their promise to keep stakeholders involved in decision making! Mudah Lupa Janji!!

    Paul Lee

    1. Mot of the dily-dalying is just for them to come up with more sinister plans. We all saw how those promises has been made and broken more than just once.

      Lets keep the pressure on.

  2. The red land lost to Berjaya is outside the fence red line right? Where they built the fence defacto gives the land to Berjaya too, not us. But still it has our trails and wildlife and waterfall and Class 1 water on it, damn.

    They just put a gate behind the horse stables, unlocked / opened a few hours in the a.m. and a few hours in the p.m. - for paying member only, the sign used to be posted there! Now we can see what happens when a Mayor makes a shady verbal secret deal with a tycoon - the Rakyat gets screwed. So non-transparent and off the record, until the court investigated.

    Thanks for the link to the PDF court case, I just finish reading it, interesting! Now can see how the gomen don't follow their own rules, and then can't keep promises.

    1. Sad...and very true sir/madam. Thanks for the comments and please help to share and spread the words out!