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The Strawberry Park Resort Family Getaway Day 2 Part 2

Day 2 was activity filled and the previous entry has documented the morning activities until lunch time. As promised, this is Part 2 of Day 2 and this separate entry is to serve justice to the scrumptious F&B spread available in Strawberry Park Resort's Jim Thompson Terrace.
We were tired after coming back from the tea plantation, the butterfly farm and the vegetable garden. As we have lunch date at the resort, we decided to head back there for food. The children though are not picky about food, they have their funny preferences. We intend to do the best we could to train them to eat anything available outside that is not fastfood.
What Should I Eat Today?
We were served by the staffs in Jim Thompson Terrace and we had the choice of Western, Asian or Ala Carte. We decided to go for Ala Carte menu for flexibility.
Scanning through the menu, we were spoilt for choices. We decided to go for something familiar and not too adventurous.
For myself, i settled for the Sizzling Chicken Chop. Priced at RM30, it comes with saute vegetable and two potato jacket, topped with mushroom sauce. It came with a basket of fries as well, which i resisted from eating for health reasons. I should had asked for more vegetable if i knew to reduce wastage.
The chicken chop was above average. I have eaten chicken chop and some are made badly that it is dry and burnt. The Jim Thompson Terrace cook has managed to cooked the chicken while retaining the moist succulent meat of the de-boned thigh. The mushroom sauce was not too overwhelming and compliment the chicken well. Vegetable was sauteed to perfection while the potato was as expected.
Sizzling Tender Succulent RM30
Wifey went for the New Zealand Tenderloin Steak cooked to medium well. It comes with saute vegetable and a basket of fries with black pepper topping. Costing RM48, the tenderloin was superbly cooked to (requested) perfection with minimal fats. The meat was tender and juicy while the black pepper lend a tinge of spiciness to every bite. The portion was good as shown below and what surprises me was it will cost just as much if you order them from the usual western food chain in Kuala Lumpur. The quality wasn't compromised. This one deserved a two thumbs up.
Cooked to preference and big portion RM48
We decided to go a bit adventurous with Nadia as she likes noodle. We opted for the Fried Noodle (Mee Goreng) RM18 with seafood, chicken and vegetable. You have a choice to replace the noodle with meehoon or kuey teow. The portion is huge as you can see and there will be enough to share for two person. The seafood that went into this noodle includes two large prawns, squids, fishballs and fishcakes. It was not oily unlike the typical mamak fare (little oil residue on the plate after finished) and satisfy the urge for a plate of "mamak delight". Nadia was choosy as she skipped all the seafood and gobbled up the noodles. We supposed it was good since she almost ate the whole plate by herself. Perhaps she was hungry.
Fried Noodle RM18
Ryan requested for Pizza initially (which is also on the menu) but we played it safe as he like his pizza plain with tomato base only. As he love sandwiches made from cheese and eggs, we ordered half a dozen of the Cheese and Eggs sandwiches (RM15) for him. They have choices of either Cheese, eggs or tuna filling but the kitchen would be most understanding if you want to mix them up. Do check with them in advance should you want more than two combination. The set comes with fries, which we limit the children's intake of this golden irresistible snack. The sandwiches comes with freshly cut tomatoes and lettuce between the fillings and a serving of salad to complete the meal.
Big portion actually. At RM15, this is value for money.
The lunch was good and leave us with a bit more room for dessert. Being in Cameron and famed for their scones, we decided to order the Freshly Baked Scones with Strawberry Jam and Fresh Cream. At RM18, they are really a candy for the eye and appetite. We felt hungry already. Warning though, it will take 20-25 minutes to prepare this as Strawberry Park believes in freshness of their food. Don't expect reheated stuff here. Remember the freshly made chicken pie and strawberry pie in Day 1 write up? If the photos below don't make you want to already wish you have two in front of you now - it is most probably due to my bad photography. :)
Came hot to the centre of the scone.
How it should be eaten. Broken into halves, spread the fresh cream and the strawberry jam. Fresh strawberry optional but makes the visual better!
Say aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!
OK, after this i go run down the hill...4km to and fro.
Lunch was great and it is a whole different experience altogether. This is a free plug to Strawberry Park and both myself and wifey are still impressed with the F&B quality served over Day 1 and till Lunch today. Needless to say, for that little bit more that we can afford to pay, lunch was more enjoyable. Eating in a tourist laden place like Cameron Highland, expect a simple meal for 2 adults and two children to rake up to RM80 at least. Lunch was seriously an indulgence in Strawberry Park and did live up to the "A Resort Above It All" tagline per the coaster.
Scones wiped clean. Fresh cream included.
With lunch done, we went back to the room to rest. As the meal slowly digest in the system, we had an afternoon nap and woke up ready for dinner. We were invited by the Resort General Manager, Mr. Lim, to join him and some of his crews for a BBQ dinner. BBQ is ongoing for November and December only on Saturday night. It will cost RM52 for adult and RM36.40 for children below 12 years old. The BBQ was buffet style and had a huge variety of choices should those meat on skewer doesn't appeal to you much. There was a spaghetti counter available to make the typical tomato, pesto or cream base pasta. You will not be short of choices with seafood, meat and vegetable being offered to be cooked by the chef manning the counter.
Carbo-loading came early for SCMS (back then).
The chef at work
The pasta was cooked el-dente and comes in serving or combination as you requested them. I had a tomato based seafood spaghetti.
It was a good starter!
The spread and selection for the other food was good as well. Appetizer in the form of salad of various type were available. They are all freshly made and not leftovers from lunch. Bear in mind that lunch has no buffet served, so there is no risk of "carried over" food.
Salad Selection
If you are someone that love cheese, they have a variety too. Can you name the three types shown below? Kitchen baked bread are available as well should you want to dip them into the fresh mushroom soup (not made from canned soup ya) or just to eat with different dressings available at the salad counter.
Wifey had a few of each above. She love her cheese.
Dessert spread was good as well with a hot bread pudding under the pot at the bottom right. Pastries and cakes were beautifully made together with creme brulee and the more predictable egg tarts. If you can eat one serving of each below, you will already exceed your daily caloric needs and sugar level. But we are on a holiday, aren't we?
Dessert Spread. Spoilt for choice again!
Steaming hot bread pudding!
Moving over to the grill, one has the choice of different meat cut to begin with. Lamb, chicken, duck and beef are offered which the chef behind the counter will slice the meat and send it over to the grill for further cooking to your liking. You can request for beef medium well or well done here!
Go on you Carnivore!
The BBQ pit is set out on the balcony of the terrace to minimize smoke coming into the eating area. More so, it lend some outdoorsy feel to the whole setup. On the grill was a variety of BBQ dishes ranging from Otak-Otak to Seafood.

Sate was in abundance too!
The food was carefully grilled over charcoal amber to allow it to be cooked without charring. My personal favorite would be the seafood on the grill and the sate (both beef and chicken).
Careful don't burn them. The earth pot holds the peanut sauce for the sate.
I complimented the chef for the well marinated tender and icy beef sate. They were wonderful even without the sauce. I lost count of the sticks i have but suffice to say i had my fair share - including standing near the grill while eating a few sticks as they cook. I asked for the secret to the sate and was told that they only uses tenderloin for their beef sate.
Tenderloin for beef sate? WOW! That explained it! No guess how many more sticks i took after that. The chicken sate was equally well marinated and if there are chicken tenderloin, i am very sure they will use it!
Beef Sate with no fat on them. Otak-otak and some seafood grilled on stick. A cut of meat made medium well. All this just as my first round.
The Chef clearly enjoyed his time over the grill. He was seen smiling most of the time.

Dinner was fantastic with great company when the General Manager joined us for dinner. Along with some of his staffs manning the front desk and even the outdoor manager Mr. Maniam. We had our fair share of dessert with the kids and it was really a sinful experience eating what was offered on the buffet spread. Suffice to say, Day 2 was an eating adventure with the tea plantation and other activities to justify the caloric intake!
Wonderful cakes.
We went back to the room full and in the coolness of the night, snuggled up in bed and calling the day early. I am not sure if I dream of the food again that night, but i know i went to sleep like a baby with my tummy full!
I hope you enjoyed this write up as much as i enjoyed describing it (and eating them)! Till the next entry, Eat well and rest well!

*The family trip is courtesy of Strawberry Park Resort, Cameron Highland. Our family would like to record our utmost gratitude to the management and staffs for the hospitality given. We would also like to thank Rouge Communication, Petaling Jaya for the opportunity to be here.

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