Monday, December 19, 2011

It is Raining We Are Sinking

The recent torrential heavy rain has been creating havoc in the country. Mother Nature ain't too happy with all the destruction we been doing to Her and this is her own kind way of reminding us who is the boss. Some of these incidents that was caused by the flood irritates us, like the traffic jam and having your car submerged. If we look at it objectively, they are good for laugh too. Here are reasons why:
Evidence 1: Your Father Road Flood
Photo from
Photo from
Why Is this funny : Not everyday someone can claim that "My Father's Road Flood", let alone say "It is my Father's road".
Evidence 2: The "Water" Way
Photo from
Photo from
Why is this funny: Water to the Chinese meant money. When someone place a water feature in their house (outside or inside), it usually signifies that "money will come". Sungai Wang or Money River (loosely translated, not meant literally) was flooded. I foresee a very prosperous 2012 for the building tenants. Money Come. ONG ah!
Evidence 3: Floating Sate
Photo from
Why is this funny : Kajang, a town known for Sate, was heavily flooded and many were effected. What took the icing was someone took the trouble to (possibly?) photoshop a crocodile into the photo. 
From "Only In Malaysia" Facebook page
Evidence 4 : Powerboat Collection
From James Hong Facebook Sharing. Photo credit unknown.
Why is this funny : Gotta love these expensive cars floating down the road. All is missing is a propulsion system and we can use Jalan Tun Razak (Evidence Number 1) as the race track.
Evidence 5: Elevator Road
Photo from
Why is this funny : Someone forgot to press the "up button" after going one floor down. However, someone else will make a lot of money just rectifying this and will be laughing all the way to the bank. That's funny for him/her too ;-)
Evidence 6 : A Work Of Art
From YouTube Here
Why is this funny: Serious, it looked like a work of art. Someone took the trouble to "plant" the car there. Full video evidence here:
Evidence 7: AliDaud&Son Motorboat
Why is this funny: We heard of Harley Davidson. Malaysia's version equivalent would be Ali Daud & Son. While this is an old video from 2007 from the flood in Pekan (gasp! It's the PM's kampung, where can? Father road flood, kampung also is an omen!). The car involved is proudly made in Malaysia Proton Saga, maybe customised by Ali Daud & Son Motorboat. Evidence 4 can make use of this video for R&D purposes.. Now lets see an Inspira do this in KL City.
Evidence 8: Submarines?
From Malaysia Media Facebook
Why is this funny : Who need any kick ass submarine when a simply Myvi at RM60K max does the job?

Hope this entry lighten up an otherwise rainy day!!!

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