Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What You Can't Do In Jungle

Following up from the "best motivational speech" posted yesterday, this is yet another good motivational speech, though can be painful, to see. It is considered a taboo for fighting infantry to light three cigarettes with one match. It is known to give away the troop's position and often, the third man will be shot first. Other superstitious in the jungle is not to call a person's name for fear that the spirits residing will use it to call upon the person, and making them lost in the jungle. It is best to use nickname (then again, wouldn't it be the same as well?) or don't use any names. When i was in RMC and during the weekly class of Ilmu Medan Perang (IMP) or battlefield knowledge classes, we are reminded that lighting fire or cooking will give away the troop's position. It is a no-no during dawn and dusk, as that is the favorite time for enemies to strike while the eyes and body is getting used to the change of time and lights. Cooking are often reserved in friendly area, or resorting to eat cold ration.
When my friend, Aman, posted this video from Youtube. I found it super hilarious and can't help but to laugh and smile when the platoon Sergeant reprimanded one of the private - yeap, for cooking or boiling his "Chinese medicine herbs". Take a look, this is 100% Singapore humor from Jack Neo's movie "Where Got Ghost" that was released in 2009. Enjoy.

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