Monday, December 26, 2011

Best Motivational Speech Ever from Full Metal Jacket

I love Full Metal Jacket. I almost how much i love it until Yip Ultraman posted the part where the Drill Sargeant gave a rousing hashing on the privates to "man them up"and to tell them what is in store for them. It reminded me how my seniors in RMC back in 1991 welcomed some of us when i was a "new boy".
"Speeches" like these make or break the person. Often, it send shiver down the spine of the listeners and very likely, messes with their mind.
I wish  could give these speeches to my subordinates when they were reporting to me. But alas - i am just too soft hearted for that. However, the same "strictness"i provide and shown to them. Not many would appreciate it, but i am sure many that came my way agrees, it did turn them into a well oiled mean machine able to face the toughest of client. Enjoy the video.
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  1. The speech was delivered very well. I had a goosebumps after listening to the speech. It indeed gave me a shiver. Sometimes, it's good to hear speeches that are motivational in nature. You will really be inspired by the thoughts and learning.