Friday, December 23, 2011

Malaysians Love Their Cars

A car is to be used to move from Point A to Point B when it was first invented. It was meant to replace the horse carriage. It was also a status symbol. Malaysians are known to love their cars; some drives car more expensive than the house they live in. Some even willing to give up their kids, burn their wife...but was saved by his love for his car.

What disgusted me more when i read the news above was that the husband, was apparently trying to give away one of his kids to a friend. Fair enough if they are poor and not able to support more hungry mouth like the olden days. But unlike the olden days, this father, obviously has no love for his own kids, or wife. Read on and tell me if this man deserves to be burn with his beloved car. He can shove his ding dong into the car exhaust tip if he wants to.
News from The Star
I know many that drives better car than the average Malaysian, but don't own a house, or have savings or still staying with parents or staying with gf/bf. What mattered most is that they have a CAR. A flashy one is a bonus, but if it is an average car, they will spend a month, maybe two or three months wages to get it done to be ONE OF THE KIND. I spotted this hideous car in Empire yesterday. I was in awe of his taste and he could had spent close to four to five thousand just to do this up, physically. He could be a big fan of a certain brand with three-stripes too, judging from a very consistent theme across the car. You might also be in awe - and that too, will tell a lot of your flavour and view with cars ;-)
I sometimes wish i have a truck. When cars like these tail gate me, i just slam on my brakes
F1 team must learn from them to make diffusers such as these on the lower left. Can act as a Tar-pow pick up too, just leave the tar-pow on the road side and these will scoop them right up.
Diffuser on the bonnet. The downforce on the front could rip the roads apart. Wait, maybe that explained all the pot holes in KL.
Diffuser even on the window's deflector? So the cigarette ash won't fly back in?
Power by a 1.6 inline 6 - quad cam- triple DOHC engine. 0-100km/h in perhaps 14 second?
Must have - LED lights under the rear diffuser. Useful when changing tires at night.
 Serious, this car is hideous.


  1. careful stupe. insulting other people's car just to prove a point is a low blow.

    the owner did nothing wrong to u.

  2. Stupe is right about the cars anyway. Friggin hideous!