Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 In Reflection

With one more day to the end of 2011, many things had happened in 2011 for me personally. Some good. Some bad. Some dramatic. One depressing. It was a truly rollercoaster year for me in many sense. A year that will be hard to comprehend and make sense off; and it flew right straight in front of me like it was just 36.5 days.
Lets see if i can list down all the good, the bad and the ugly that happened in 2011 to sum it all up.
The Good
1. Blood iron content improved and i no longer has fainting spells or out of breath when climbing up a flight of stairs.
2. Had a tattoo done.
3. Completed Sabah Adventure Challenge with Bandit. We finished the race, but not official finisher.
3. Adopted two mongrels and now the family is almost complete.
4. Wifey ran her first marathon in June. 4 months of training paid off.
5. She then went to run her second marathon and scored a personal best.
6. Was offered a few jobs after i left the consulting line. Tough choices but Family First guided me to my decision.
7. Lost almost 10kg (see The Ugly, Item 1).
8. Started to revamp and eat healthily (see The Bad. Item 7).
9. Learnt to forgive. I hope (see The Ugly. Item 3).
10. Started My own domain on the World Wide Web.
The Bad
1. Ironman Langkawi officially cancelled from race calendar. No more affordable IM distance races.
2. Extremely low mileage for swim, bike and run.
3. Failed to revive my Project365. Realised i started taking photos for this and JUST for this. No quality. Appalling images. Yucks.
4. Stumbling block with work and career. Being seen as not productive. Not all things can be measured.
5. Developed Sciatica. It's a stumbling block to my planned SBR.
6. Changed job twice within three months. Effectively wiping out my accumulated leaves and bonuses, and pay raise.
7. Lost an online friend. Then a week later, lost a dear friend. Both pass away while running. Made me re-think my commitment to my sports.
The Ugly
1. Went into a depression. It was a tough hard hole to crawl out from without any medication.
2. Lost passion for things i love to do because of the depression.
3. Found out who back stabbed me previously. Disappointed with what people are capable of to get on top.
Reflecting back. the Statistic stood at 10-7-3 for the Good, Bad and Ugly. Looked like it was a rather mixed year for me. But one thing i know for sure, I am blessed. For i am still here writing this and i managed to overcome the Ugly. I hope 2012 will be good for me and those around me.
And i certainly hope that 2012 will be a year where i will be able to strike that magic balance of work and life, and as a matter of priority, make it to be Life-Work balance, in that order of priority!
Cheers all!
Taken from Fondos website


  1. Happy New Year Bro! May 2012 brings you the best ever.

  2. Happy New Year to you and family. Have a superb 2012!