Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Resume

I am looking for new opportunity with my career.
As most of you that know me via this blog and in real life, i am a dedicated worker. I take my work seriously and giving 100% is usually an understatement. I treat my work as how i treat my races - i am committed to finish it and i do only my best. Many times, i guide and help others along the way. That speaks of my leadership quality.
I am not trying to oversell myself, but my four short years in the current company spoke of my commitment and achievement as i moved up from being a field engineer to a regional practice lead for Asia.
My resume could be viewed here : Ee-Van Resume as of July 2011
I look forward to receive any opportunities for a face to face meeting. I thank you in advance.


  1. freaking awesome resume bro..

    Now I feel inferior..

  2. You are just being too kind as usual Bandit. Fingers cross. A day at a time for me now.