Wednesday, July 06, 2011

You Never Walk Alone with Standard Chartered Bank

A few English football teams will be (and already are) in Kuala Lumpur in July. The excitement of the fans could be felt from the Facebook wall posting to the Twitterville. They are here to play against our local Heroes, the Harimau Malaya.
Malaysians are passionate about their football. There are a good following of the major clubs. While some jump into the bandwagon to support the team of the day, there are many hardcore that I personally know whom their support to this particular football club was like a heirloom passed down from their grandfather to them. I am not talking about the wannabe club with a devil as a mascot but i am talking about LIVERPOOL!
As you all know, Standard Chartered Bank is the official sponsor for Liverpool Football Club. The synergistic partnership has been known in (the football) world over!
Image taken from Liverpool FC Website
So, how would you like to win TWO free passes to see your TEAM in action against HARIMAU MALAYA on July 16, 2011 at Stadium Bukit Jalil? Wait, you even get to see a player of your choice too!
Standard Chartered Bank will be making this possible with a few easy steps below.
Step One
Go to this Website HERE
Step Two
Write on the wall and send a message (up to 140 character) to your TEAM...
...And click SEND. Once you do that, you will be prompted to...
Step Three
...Create an AVATAR or Randomise it. I've done one for myself that looked like i am the cool (goal)keeper for Liverpool!
You then click SUBMIT and will be prompted to the next step...
Step Four
Fill up all your (legit) info, if you don't, how else will they contact you if you win?
Don't forget to correctly click on "Malaysia" (if you want to see the match on July 16,2011) and also on the "I Accept the T&C". Once you are sure your info is correct, click SUBMIT.
Step Five
And that's it! You are on your way to win TWO passes. But that's where it need some involvement from you.
Share your message and avatar on Facebook or Twitter. Get your friends to "LIKE" them on the GetBehindYourTeam page. The more "LIKE" you get, the higher your chances to be on the TOP 10. Once you are in the TOP 10, your message will be chosen to be one of the lucky winner to win the passes and see your TEAM in action against Harimau Malaya!
Thanks to Standard Chartered Bank  for making this possible!

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