Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Strawberry Park Family Getaway Day 3

I hope you have enjoyed reading all the installment of the Strawberry Park Family Getaway here, here, here and the bonus posting here. This posting is to wrap things up. It has been a very enjoyable stay in Cameron Highland, especially at Strawberry Park Resort. This will be a short post and me and my family wish to wish all of you (readers and Staffs of Strawberry Park Resort) a Merry Christmas and a very happy (everyday) 2012.
View From the Top of Hill

A Spa and an outdoor jacuzzi? 
Apartments with 3 rooms 
Jim Thompson last residence

Business As Usual

Sunday Crowd

Best Roti Canai on the Highland

But revert back to Oats.

Happy Happy!

Monkeying around. Again!

No doubt. Above all!
With Mr. Lim, The GM of Strawberry Park

But can't resist some beef.

Gingerbread House (work in progress). Eat parts are edible!
The man made waterfall. Been here for as long as i can remember!

*The family trip is courtesy of Strawberry Park Resort, Cameron Highland. Our family would like to record our utmost gratitude to the management and staffs for the hospitality given. We would also like to thank Rouge Communication, Petaling Jaya for the opportunity to be here.


  1. Bigger pics pls!! And yes, that's the best roti canai in cameron highlands!!!

  2. Solli. The link i gave was for mobile view. :) full website to see evrything big big!