Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Running Three Marathon in 90 Days

In the midst of planning for 2012 races. With a new job, growing kids, two dogs and a wife that has been bitten hard by the running bug, there is a need to prioritize races and at the same time the commitment to the sports. Work-Life balance is slowly finding it's equilibrium and soon, i hope to swing it to Life-Work balance.
I will be planning for these races in April, May and June - and hopefully it will qualify me and wifey to be a "Marathon Maniac". While it is really not a big deal to run marathons back to back, as proven by many inspiring runners, it could be the first for me and wifey.
Marathon 1 will potentially be at Bali for the Bali Marathon on April 22, 2012.

We had our honeymoon in Bali and it would be nice to be able to visit the place again for something totally hot and sweaty again.
The potential second marathon would be at the Borneo International Marathon on May 6, 2012. A bit pushing it to run a second one within 2 weeks time. But should be "can lah".

The last potential marathon to complete within the 90 days would be the home ground Standard Chartered KL Marathon set to take place on June 24, 2012. The press release on the race has been just released in my blog here.
So, is the April 22 to June 24 timeline qualify as the 90 days period? It is exactly 64 days actually. :) In fact, running Bali and Borneo back to back would already qualify us for the Bronze Level in Marathon Maniac.
But why stop at 2 in 16 days when we can do 3 in 90, or 64 days?
Next step is to convince my new employer to allow me to take time off for these races. :) Fingers crossed!
Update Feb 23, 2012:
Permission and leave has been granted to do all three marathons. One day off Bali (Friday), Borneo will be a whirlwind 24hours trip and KL Marathon, as it is on home ground, is ready any time of the year! Bring on 42.2km x 3 in 64 days!


  1. Stupe....why don't slot in another one in between...Laguna Phuket Marathon on June 10th....:) Maybe can get into silver level..

  2. ohh...and not to mention..Sundown Marathon on the 26th May...

    Sigh..this is not a good sign when i remember the date of all marathon than my own road tax renewal date...:)

  3. Daryl - you champion. 5 in 3 months? Now....why did i not thought of that before.

  4. Haha...i'm not saying i will do it....Its suicidal...LOL. Was working myself the last few months to get the MM silver level and now almost got it, i have second thought. You have to pay a high amount for membership and the vest and its really only to shiok sendiri...LOL. I need to ground myself and remind me why im doing this and its not for any vest or glory. Its really me fighting my own demon and learn life lesson whenever i do a FM....It sound cliche but i honestly learn something about myself after each FM..sometimes good and the last one, was really horrible...

  5. Sifu - ur right. There is really no point for that glory. being a MM is just well, a "title". I believe many of our friends, even yourself already qualified for that. For me, it is really just something more fun to do. Kira like the french fries when you order the happy meal lah.

    After every marathon - i found something new about myself too. The last one was my pain threshold, which i found out could be really high. LOL.

  6. Must run the Borneo Marathon. Flat route. Sangat cantik. The one this year was fantastic. Organization was superb. I ran half saja lah of course. Hehe.