Saturday, December 03, 2011

This Blog and SCMS

This blog is fast becoming a health food fanatic page. Bear with me for a while more as i share the information. More updates on Swim Bike Run will follow. I am in Singapore at this point of time waiting to run the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS). Thank you Adeline for the hospitality. :)
This will be the curtain closer for 2012 races and i have since done very little this year. SCSM will be my first race outside of Malaysia. I finally went "international" hahaha! Here are some pics from yesterday's drive down to Singapore that took 8 hours.
Sifu Mac
Sui Char Bor
Half boiled Farm eggs at Ayer Keroh R&R. Fav so far whenever i travel south.
Kopi O Kosong. Black local coffee for the road.
Served in a mug dated 1998. 
Marina Bay Sand
Christmas Tree at Shoppe at Marina Bay Sand
The host.
Convention Hall to collect the race pack
Finish Line setup for race pack collection.
Starting Line crowd - this is just the 21km participants.
They have close to 80 counters to serve the runners. Race pack collection was no drama.
Kau Tim!
Same route as last year for the 42km, as told by those that took part last year.
And 21km runs into Universal Studio...
 The work-life balance has shifted to just work and striking a balance is tough. However, the past four months has been a bliss since i resigned from my previous work as an environmental consultants. I no longer sell my life to work and slowly regaining back some lost time, especially with the two kids at home. 
I have been struggling to get fit again and the race tomorrow will be a race of perseverance. I will take 6 hours, no less. I promised wifey i will stop if i don't feel too well (i just found out another friend is suffering from low blood iron and it was a dejavu listening to him telling me how it is like).
There will be no post tomorrow(Sunday, Dec 4) as we (myself, wifey and Mac) will be driving back immediately after the race. 
Come Monday, I will start a new life as a contracts manager in a renewable energy firm. Nothing fancy but an opportunity to do something outside of my comfort zone, again. I am truly a generalist with no specialization!
Until Monday, do have a fantastic weekend!
Keep moving forward!

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