Friday, December 09, 2011

Missed Out on Ironman Busselton 2012

Ironman Perth or Ironman Busselton is so popular that it was sold out in 1hour when the registration opened this morning. Comparatively, it took 40minutes last year to register for this year's race.
I have long for an Iron distance race (3.8km Swim, 180km bike and 42km run) since the last race was in 2010. Entry fee was pegged at AUD$645, which translate to almost RM1,800 at today's exchange rate. I was ready to make that sacrifice.
But as luck has it. I have to go to EPF to withdraw (apply to) savings to pay off the current house i am staying and i saw the status update of Kevin Siah and Cynthia Gan.
Busselton Ironman is open for registration and they both has secured the place!
I went into a frantic mode trying to do the registration on my mobile device and at that point, it was already 90% taken up. In the short 15minutes that i tried (and reload the registration, as it was responding slowly) was all taken up.
And that was in about an hour of it opening for registration.
I guess it is not meant to be. My Ironman Busselton dream has to take a backseat again. But i promise myself that i will train as if i am going - for i never know, if there is someone deciding not to take part, and the organizer sees it fit to allow me to come in...
We never know. Fingers crossed.

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