Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Organic Wholewheat Raisin 3 Seeds Bread

This is a gluten free and sugar free bread made out of desperation for dinner one day. We ran out of bread flour, which is usually a mixture of all purpose flour and gluten. Gluten is nothing bad as it adds protein (its derived from wheat or grains). However, the flour are usually processed and bleached, and then with added nutrient back into them - which often questions the suitability of these post processing nutrition addictive into the flour again.
Hot Out of Oven 
The absence of ready mix bread flour present a pressing and immediate need to obtain an alternative. There is an organic shop near my home and a quick visit present me with 3 types of flour being sold. The all purpose flour, the high protein flour and the wholemeal flour; of which all are organic.
Each 1kg pack are sold at RM7.90. They are expensive when compared to normal flour at RM1.50/kg. it cost almost 4 times more. Eating healthy is expensive in Malaysia.
Germs, husk and endosperms all in
base caloric value
Here is the recipe for the bread. I improvise by changing a few items to ensure a power packed end product. Taste is secondary but a bonus if it is good. ;). Bread maker from Kenwood is used.
Ingredients (1 cup is 250ml Approx)
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup milk (low fat works too)
1 egg, any size.
2tablespoon (tbsp) butter, of which SCS was used.
1 tbsp rice malt syrup or molasses (honey, unless manuka, i won't encourage as they are processed with sugar added)
1 teaspoon salt, which i use sea salt
3 3/4 cups or about 500grams of organic wholewheat flour
1 pack (11grams) instant dry yeast
2tbsp of chia, flax and sesame seeds.
2-3tbsp of raisins and/or sultanas
More boring healthy food
SCS is still the best
1. Place (in this order) water, milk, egg, butter, rice malt/molasses, sea salt, wholemeal flour and yeast in the pan of the bread machine.
2. Select according to preset menu on bread maker (i chose Gluten Free). My setting is usually to make 1kg or bread with slight browning. It will take 2:40 for this setting. It i went for basic, the bread maker will allow for an extra 30mins for the bread to rise further - which i should had opted for.
3. While the machine is mixing the dough, throw in the 3 seeds and raisins.
4. Let the bread maker do its work and in less than 3 hours, you will be treated to a home infused with fresh bake bread smell.
OK, nevermind...
Muccchhh better ;-)
A bit flat though...heavy dough
Nutritional content:
At 2700kcal for a 1kg bread, it could be sliced to your liking. I managed to slice the bread into 14 slices which average each slice to be about 190kcal of power packed serving with enough protein, carbs and fat to carry you for the better part of the morning.

With the spread of butter...that's 200kcal/slice.


  1. Looks yummy! I have gluten intolerance so cannot eat anything made from wheat (even the sprouted wheat breads), but I love the smell of fresh baked bread and bake whenever I got excuse! I get a lighter yet substantial loaf by using a ratio of 3:1 all purpose flour to whole wheat flour. If not, will be very dense!

  2. Yeap. My bread was DENSE! :P will do a 3:1 on the next batch! :D

  3. came across your blog and found your home made bread recipe very informative and healthy! are you still using Kenwood bread machine? i just got one passed down from my mum in law :)
    Being a newbie in baking, am trying to figure out how to use it..so any tips or more recipe using BM250 would be much appreciated!

    1. Hey May. Yes, still using BM250 for those lazy days. The thing with BM250 is to get the right mixture. We find it sometimes unable to mix the ingredient as well as using hand. But nevertheless, you can google for some good recipe for BM250 online : http://www.kenwood-australia.com/media/pdfs/recipes/bm250-bm350_recipe_book.pdf

    2. Having said that, I always go for the 1kg version. trail and error to add on or reduce luiquid. Always use cold water and put in 1 pack (11grams) of yeast.