Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dongzhi Festival Winter Solstice

Dongzhi meant the extreme of winter. It is also known as the "Chinese Christmas". While the significant of Dongzhi has nothing to do with religious celebration. The significant of this is that the sunshine will be at the weakest and the daylight, shortest, hence amplifying the extreme of winter. Basically, it signifies the the changes and balance - that we will be a year older. Traditional and culturally, this festival provides an excuse for family to get together to make glutinous rice ball or tong yuan. The stickiness of the rice ball symbolically represent a family that will "stick together", at least for another year until the next celebration. For whatever that it really does signify, as the Chinese (including we Malaysian Chinese) will find all reasons and excuse for a get together.
This year, however, only has my mum in my home making them. My sisters is too busy to be present and my dad is not fit to drive at night and through the heavy traffic. Nonetheless, they are on our mind and lets hope the family does stick together. Often, we can make time for other less important things and i hope next year, all, if not most, will be together for this activity.
Here are some photos taken. The kids clearly has more fun shaping the balls.
Ryan being shown what Incredible Hulk eat for breakfast.
Rolling rolling rolling!
Edible Playdoh
Poor girl recovering from food poisoning.
Ahma let him play with his food. Lucky him.
Getting worried that she is turning green...
Wish there are more that was present
Thumbs up, Dongzhi's way.
If you are happy and you know it...roll your dough!
Green done. Next is pink.
She tired already. Not eaten well for the past two days.
Happy Winter Solstice!
Left in fridge to be cooked later!
Cooked in ginger water and pandan leave!
Happy Dongzhi Festival!


  1. Wowww...look yummiliciouss :)

  2. :) THis is basic glutonious rice ball. :) Don't eat too much, high caloric and high GI. :)

    But because they are homemade, there is no preservative and will only last a day. Not months ;-)