Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wondered Why Your LPG Tank Empties Faster?

My family cook and this revelation sort of ticks me off with the possibility that the LPG i buy has been tempered with. Apparently, there is a syndicate that buys the subsidized LPG in bulk and then transfering a portion of the LPG into the bigger tank meant for industrial/F&B use as they are not subsidized. The price differences could be as much as double per every KG. Current LPG price in Malaysia for Domestic use is RM1.90/kg and it is RM3.43 for industrial. What these syndicate does is to transfer a portion of the LPG into the bigger 50kg tanks and sell them at non-subsidized price!
Photo from ondscene,my
Read about the whole report here, dated November 11, 2011. These scumbags that cheat your hard earned money ought to have a tank strapped on them and blown up!

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