Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wifey 42km Debut DONE!

She did it.

Forty Two Freaking Kilometer Around Kuala Lumpur. And she did it in style by finishing the race way ahead of me.
She raced an injury free race, well hydrated, had fun, looked great and most of all, finished what she went to do.
Eight months ago, running a marathon (again, i am stressing, a marathon is a race of 42.195km distance, but to be a bit less anal about it, lets just put it as 42km) was perhaps something that wifey would not even consider. With the decision to "give back" to her a a bit of encouragement, she decided to pick up running a marathon.
Sensible eating (she has not had a Nasi lemak for eight months), a lot of self-refrain (food), understanding the technicality and also the demand to train, Wifey now knows what it takes to respect the distance.
The early morning jitter is only normal even for seasoned marathoner or athlete. Anything can go wrong in a race. Today alone:
- I've spoken to a man that forgot to cut his toenail, and ended up walking/running like a penguin;
- I bumped into my junior in VI (Victoria Institution) that attempted his first 42km (hello Jo Yan!);
- Made new friends that i shared my Hammer Nutrition salt caplets, spoke to runner that is against Lynas;
- Exchange some thoughts with a lady that was concerned that she won't get a finisher medal for her first Marathon (Hello Genie!);
- Had one runner asking me if i am "Tri Stupe";
- Felt sexy that at least three instances of runners telling me i got nice legs (and arse); and
- the list goes on and on.
The icing was to know very well that Wifey was way ahead of me and WILL finish the race.
This post is dedicated to her. Aileen Marathon Har. We have been tracking her progress for the past eight months (since August 2010) and look at the transformation that she went through!
August 2010. Pencala Link 10km run.
LRT June 2011
June 26, 2011. Standard Chartered KL Marathon. FMV 6:10
Well done Wifey. The glory is all yours today!


  1. conggggggggratss!! woo hoo! time for a good dinner with wifey n kids tonight for celebration ?:)

  2. This is so so so sweet! If I have a hubby, and he were to dedicate something like this to me, I'd fall head over heels with him again and again and again... I was there too, but only did a 10km! Congrats and well done to you and wife!

  3. I agree with Flirtatious Friends, if I have a hubby like Stupe that very supportive, I would be able to do this and fallen in love with him all over again. They are great team together Aileen and Stupe. What is FMV:610 stands for? Sorry, I'm a bit out of this abbr. loop. What I wanna know is, how much weight has Aileen lost? She look damn sexy in that black dress! Well done Aileen.

  4. LG - many thanks! Makan? We got the nasi lemak from village park but can't makan.

    FF - :) I am flattered with your comments. 10KM is still a run. Slowly, you will be pulled by the mysterious 21km and then you will want to do 42km!

    Tri-M : FMV is a support group in KL that help/advise/initiate any runners that want to do full marathon. FMV stand for Full Marathon Virgin. 6:10 is Aileen's time. She lost at least 12kg. Currently the weight is plateuing and it will take extra push to continue losing. And today could just be the answer.

  5. Well done, Aileen! Congrats on your first marathon achI believe there will be many more to come.

    Also, not forgetting to mention the coach in the sexy skirt with nice legs and arse to go with it hehe, good job!

  6. well done aileen!!! and stupe too. her first marathon timing is waaaaay better than mine. she definitely received excellent coaching.

  7. Well done Aileen! You have done yourself proud with this outstanding achievement! Stupe, cayalah, Ryan & Nadia's parents really can run. Hehehe.. :)

  8. Kevin - Glory are hers. You know the feeling of completing your first marathon. She felt exactly like that!

    Zailan - many thanks. Willing student also important. :D

    CC/Elaine - You recover well. 60km is no joke. I 42 also kaupeh kaubu already. :P

  9. inspirational! well done aileen! (and to stupe too. takdak orang tampar bon bon? haha)

  10. Man - hahaha. credit and glory is hers. :)

    Tampar Bon-bon? yeap. One instances, but that was a friend. :)

  11. Man - hahaha. credit and glory is hers. :)

    Tampar Bon-bon? yeap. One instances, but that was a friend. :)

  12. i've done a couple of HMs but still have yet to overcome the fear of running a FM. will definitely be inspired after reading your story ;)

  13. K(r) - there is no fear but fear itself. HM is a good indication for speed and endurance. For FM, it is always about endurance (mental and physical) before speed.

    After running 9 myself, i am yet to be fast. But that doesn't matter as the experience while running the FM of knowing more people and talking to people on what makes them tick and them doing FM is inspiration as well!

    Many thanks for dropping by!