Monday, June 20, 2011

Featured As A Runner in Jamie Pang's Blog

Most of you could be big fans of Jamie "Carboman" Pang. I knew about him when i first joined running as a supplement to my fitness when i started adventure racing about 10 years ago. Little do i know, he asked me if i was interested in some sort of "interview" and be featured as a runner in his well known blog.
I do not call myself an accomplished runner. Compared to many "veterans" out there that has clocked more mileage and even more events compared to me (Ronnie PM1 has 280 finisher medals from runs!), i am nothing but just your usual "Joe". Compared to many that has picked up running about two or three years ago, they could had clocked up enough of Marathon within that short period of time compared to my EIGHT (thus far) since five years ago. So, there is really nothing to brag about. I've given ONE talk about running (beginners' level) and i am very happy to see those that came for the class actually running beyond just that one talk! Imagine what i could do if my achievement were more credible (like winning races, being on podium etc).
However, we are all in the sports not because we want to be better than everyone (it's never an ego game for me) but it has been always a health factor for me.
In the short but concise "interview", I've answered numerous questions from the Sifu himself and this was how i fare.

Read about my interview with Jamie Carboman Pang by clicking on this line.

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  1. Paiseh paiseh... Wishing you both an enjoyable and memorable race experience!