Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nadia Turns 3 Today!

My girl is 3 today. I made extra effort to wake up earlier to go over and see her. Really misses them sleeping in the same room as me. She is attached to me and is much easier to manage compared to Ryan. But then again, that was what i said about Ryan at 3 as well.

The past few days, i kept having some notion if my kids will still love me when they grow up older. They hold my hands nowadays and gives me hugs and kisses. Will it end? Many friends has told me that changes will be inevitable and many told me to nurture them, be their friend and grow with them. Perhaps it's how i went through my younger days that has made me feel somewhat disconnected. Don't get me wrong, my parents love me to bits. I grew up with my mum being the strict mother that rules the house with utmost discipline (but she crumble and has spoilt her grandchildren). My dad, which worked so hard to make ends meet, 7 days a week, is someone i see only in the evening when he is back from work and he will then takes nap in late evening to recuperate from the long day.

I wished that he had spent more waking hours with me. But i grew up knowing that he did what he have to do.

I see the cycle repeating. With my long hours at work - i only see the kids for 2 hours at most (If i am lucky to be back by 7pm) before they retires to bed by 9pm. I've avoided working when at home. Keeping the laptop and BB where it should be - away from reach.

But still. I felt it was inadequate.

Today, when i see Nadia my heart felt mellow. She greeted me with her usual zest and hugged me. I then took a photo of her, with me.
I can see her growing up to be a very determined girl. Gutsy as well. Here are some photos of her, growing up over the past 3 years.
Happy Birthday Nadia. You will always be Papa's favorite girl.


  1. if the circle continues, they will be as appreciative of you and Aileen, as how you both are to your parents...

    and I am sure it will..

  2. Soooo cute. We'd love to have a daughter but have resigned ourselves to the fact that we're stopping at the twins. Shilpa says that I'd make her my favourite if we had a girl anyway, daddy's little girl...I suspect she's right.

  3. Sorry for the late reply all,

    bandit - :) yeap it is. And i hope it will.

    Simon - never ever get a daughter. They will stick to you like glue and they will melt you.