Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Skechers GoMeb Speed 2 LE Unboxing

Skechers GoMeb or GoSpeed was reviewed by me before. I wrote extensively in the Unboxing entry as it was unlike any other Skechers that was shared with me. To start with, it was stiffer and more responsive due to the Carbon-fiber stability plate. I've ran many races since using the first iteration of GoSpeed. I've completed the SCKLM 2013 42km in it. No question that this shoe, despite the "racer" profile, are made for longer runs requiring a bit more cushioning. 
GoSpeed on me. GoRun2 on wifey. Photo Credit Tey Eng Tiong
Limited Edition GoMeb Speed 2
2 Weeks ago, I was called to the Skechers Malaysia HQ. I was told that there are only 5000 produced for worldwide distribution with 40 in Asia. I am 1 of the 5 (that I know) having this in Malaysia. Being Limited Edition it meant this is a "one off" and not meant to be sold in store. I considered myself lucky. Until today, I've not used the shoe for a run,
New York, New York!
I know the other 4-recipients has tested them and one has given his feedback (link at the end of this blog entry). However, none of them so far has written about the unboxing, which has sort of given me the "escape route" to do so, while maintaining the shoe to be clean and for storage. Will I ever take this out for a run or two? Perhaps. Here is the unboxing review.
Speed 2. 
Interestingly, this edition is also known as Skechers GoMeb Speed 2 New York - as it was made for Meb for the 2013 New York Marathon and in gold, grey and black to match his race day kit. 
From Sneaker Report Top 15 shoes in NYC Marathon
Meb Keflezighi (or Meb for short) has been putting in his input as wearer-tester in a few other models as well (some may see it emerging in the local Skechers' store). Skechers Performance Division has been churning out new shoes and updates so fast that I have to clock in more mileage just to try them all out.
Go Like Never Before
 First look at the shoe close up and I had the urge to wear them and go for a run (at Skecher's HQ). It was an update from the original GoMeb where the material on the upper part has been totally changed. Technical wise, there isn't much differences in terms of ride height (or drop) at 4mm, Resalyte sole (memory foams), GoImpulse sensors at the sole and M-Strike for that unmistakable landing feel. 
To Wear or Not To Wear - That is a 500km question
More similarity is the non-removable insole that is glued down, the suede inner that is smooth and nice allowing the shoe to be worn sockless, the tongue of the shoe that is not sewn down, and the cup, which has more structure and does not collapse (can be compressed by 25% max). Much of these has been covered in the GoMeb Speed unboxing previously. No surprises here. 
Limited Edition printed on the insole
The Upgrades
Most noticeable differences is the top material used in GoMeb Speed 2. It is more breathable (not as if the previous wasn't airy) and will provide a breezier feel. The synthetic rubber like material used in GoMeb Speed carries over minus the suede part on the outer side. Sleeker in look while maintaining the same support and compression. 
Multi-movement mesh like material. Thinner and stronger. 
The tongue has the word "Speed 2" embossed much like what Skechers did with GoRun3 (with a big 3). Noticed that the fonts used to be the same and this could be the direction of marketing/identity that Skechers will try to create now. Unlike the other GoRun series, or even the GoMeb Speed, the GoMeb Speed 2 has GOmeb instead of GoRun(S) on the tongue.
Notice the differences between the GoMeb Speed and GoMeb Speed 2
Speaking of tongue, the Speed 2 see ribbed constructions which allow for thinner tongue while providing adequate cushioning for the top of the feet. It is also larger, which meant it wraps around the top of the foot more. I do not know what benefit this will bring at this point of time.
Note the "wing-like" tongue on Speed 2 vs the usual tongue on Speed
In appearance, the Speed 2 is cleaner in design with less clutter on the upper part. If you noticed, the lacing dynamic has became simpler with less notches when compared to Speed. I know the other 4-recipients has commented on the laces getting loose after a run. It could be the smoother finish on the lace. I do not have issues with lacing as I always double back (double rabbit-ear) and it's bomb-proof. Not literally, but you know what I meant.
Notice the lacing holes
Matter of Sole
The sole does not show any differences with the Speed. I was told by Skechers Malaysia HQ that the Carbon Fiber plate, which is actually material from DuPont (Fiber, likely Kevlar Fiber), lightweight and strong as it's designed to function. The biggest differences in the Speed 2 "Carbon Fiber" is that the insert is now more flexible. I did the bend test and indeed (but not able to exhibit in video without proper weight system to show what force needed before it bends), the Speed 2 is easier to bend compared to Speed. 
Hi-tech stuff in a racing shoe
Honestly, I've ran on Speed and the "stiffness" does not bothers me as much as the "flexibility" of other GoRun series amused me. In short, it serves their design purpose and what they intend to do - propels you forward and protect the feet while allowing you to enjoy the run. Some may like them stiffer, some more cushioned. There is no right or wrong feel, just preferences. 
Closer look at the carbon-fiber or DuPont insert. Similar looking to Speed.
No differences spotted on the GoImpulse sole design or layout. Skechers stick to what has been working in their line of Go-series and Resalyte memory foam complement the whole setup. One caution on Skechers shoe with Resalyte foams - it is potentially not suitable if you are a heavier person, as the memory foam will sink lower than intended and you will lose the percieved cushioning. For that purpose, the GoRunRide (keyword : RIDE) provides thicker outsole to counter these additional weight). Along the same line, GoBionic has minimal cushioning to allow the minimalist feel. GoMeb Speed and Speed 2 are built to be intermediate between GoBionicRide and GoRun2 cushioning.  
Synthetic rubber material reinforces the toebox area against use abrasion and lend structures
Weight wise, the Speed2 comes in at 220grams per side. Similar to Speed. The update on material and subtle changes did not reduce the weight of the shoe (at Size US11). I was hoping it will drop to sub-200grams. I've been spoilt by Skechers when it comes to shoe weight that even the structured protective GoBionicTrail at 250grams/side! Perhaps, if the sockliner is removable it will be close to 200grams. 
Love how the Gold reflects the light
Speed 2 coming in clean at 220grams/side
To confirm Speed at 220grams/side after months of usage or close to 300km
Meb has narrow feet, which is why most I know that uses Speed go 1-size up due to the tighter toebox.  
Side by Side comparison
Cutting of both Speed and Speed 2 shows no differences. Still narrow upfront and not an issue as my feet has used to the feel already. 
Speed 2 with more structured back compared to Speed
Fitting comparison without the toes splayed
 Take note of the photo above and below, which show my toes spreading out (below) and normal (above).
Notice my toes position and the other toes pressing up against the material
From the front, you can see how they both compares. Noting that the Speed 2 looked like it sits lower at the front - which could likely be the case as I did felt the sole to be thinner at the front of Speed 2 compared to Speed.
Don't wait for my 3rd Leg
This is how Skechers encourages midfoot strikes by having the rear/heel to be higher. This way, you will not hit the heel upon landing and help to transition your running to mid-foot strike. If you wear a Skechers and see more wear at the heel than midfoot, it is time to unlearn your running 120% and start back slowly while correcting your landing and gait again. 
Looked fast even when not moving

After writing this for the past hours, I now have the urge to use the shoe for a run (a test run), Refraining much as I do want to maintain this unit as clean as possible, or I have a choice of making this even more limited by running it on my own personal strides and gait. Perhaps clock a few personal best with it and then frame it up? If you can't wait for my run review of this Speed 2, head over to Nick Arthur's Once you are done, head over to Jamie Pang's

Note: This pair of Skechers GoMeb Speed 2 New York Limited Edition is sponsored by Skechers Malaysia via collaboration with 2ndSkin Asia Athletes program. Thank you Skechers Malaysia and 2ndSkin! This pair is not for sale or will be made available in Stores. The launch of the GoMeb Speed 2 will be very soon and will be expected to be priced similar to the GoMeb Speed. Stay tuned for more updates soon.


  1. I'm thinking about getting a pair of Skechers shoes but I'm not sure which model suits for me.
    In your opinion, which one is better Go Run 3 or Go Meb Speed 2 for 10k, half marathon and full marathon ?
    My average pace is 4:40 min/km.

    1. Go for GR3. :) Multipurpose. Good pace there John.

  2. Thinking of switching to Skechers. Those gold GoMeb Speed 2 looked so gorgeous. Which one should I get? Go Run or Go Meb? In a dilemma here!

    1. I know how you feel. Me too. Not sure which one. For ride comfort, GoRun. GoMeb is a racer, stiffer.