Friday, February 14, 2014

Catching Up On Blog and Week 17 Training

Quick update.
1. Still alive.
2. Been busy with work. Loads of it.
3. Training for (Major race for 2014, in chronological order) Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya, Sabah Adventure Challenge, Xterra Malaysia and Ironman Malaysia is still ongoing. Last week I clocked the largest of them mileage over the past (going to finish) 18 weeks.
At 14hours of commitment and 343km covered, that was volume and each KM I put in was of quality. Much room for improvement and it looked like I am coming up short on Swim and Run. Reason for that is the mileage on bike was easier to pile up per hour (40km/hour on trainer vs 2km/hour swim vs 10km/hour run).
Crazy Venture
It still amazes me that I managed to sit on the bike saddle for a full 6hours 15minutes in Week 17 - just so I get to clock some serious mileage (180km approx) as a run up to Ironman. I told myself if i can sit there for 6hours, I technically will be able to pull through the longest hours under the hottest weather in Langkawi. Many thought I may had lost it.

I thought I've lost it too.

So, it turned out that it was insane to actually do that. Because a sharing by an accomplished Ironman finisher (a friend) said that an hour on the trainer is equal to 90minutes on the road. This is due to the fact that on the trainer, you do not get to "coast". Perhaps that is why after calculated based on gearing and cadence, the 40km i managed on trainer does take about 90minutes on the road, average. 
Misery Loves Company. Fuel for the 6-hours ride
Having said that, My effort (that 6-insane hours) totalled up to 9-hours on the road by that logic. Turned out really well and I felt I accomplished something. Hence, I gave myself an easier Week 18 to recover. 
Speed weaponry. Make me an offer. If the price is right, I will let this go
It is now less than 8 weeks to Ironman 70.3. I've just gotten a pre-loved groupset sold to me by a friend. My old Ultegra 6300 (classified as "vintage" on ebay), will be replaced with a spanking newer 105 5700. Cycling upgrades has never been this exciting.
The other parts will go into my Steel Bike project (yes, I have a steel frame waiting for rebuild)
Have a great weekend. Many races but I am gonna do something better - babysitting at home so wifey get to run Newton 17km Penang.

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