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Skechers GoRunRide3 Unboxing

Fresh from the 40-footer container, so to say. The GoRunRide3 were given to me when I collected the GoRunUltra after Chinese New Year. This is a refresh from the GoRunRide2 (in the form of Nite Owl) that was reviewed by me previously. If you want to know what the GoRunRide2 (GRR2) looked like, hop over to this link here : GRR2 Unboxing and Review. Unlike the GRR2, the GRR3 is not "glow in the dark". That said, the GRR3 is a totally different permutation when compared to the GRR2 in many aspects. Here is the unboxing.
Skechers GoRunRide3 
In recent months, Skechers has released shoes using better material that are better than the previous instalment. Improvement based on feedback from world known running blogger such as Pete Larson and US top marathon runner Meb Keflezghi. No less than that, regionally in South East Asia, some of us lucky enough to receive shoes seeding (sponsorship, review or local athletes) has provided feedback to help Skechers to improve on. As some of you may know, I've noted that GRR2 were (back then) the most plush among all the Skechers I've reviewed. The theme carries over with GRR3 as it is intended to be a cushioned trainer. 
Notice the newer material - unique 3D printed side details
First Feel
The sizing/fitting session at Skechers HQ allowed me the first feel of the shoe with socks. I took the US10 sizing, which is the same as some of the other Skechers I have. The toe box is wide, so no issues with tight front that requires a size up. When I tried the shoe for size, The thicker insole was not inserted into the shoe, giving me the 4mm feel. I then insert the insole just to confirm that the US10 will be a-ok for me as well. Seems the sizing is pretty good as the disparity with and without insole felt the same at least for me.
Custom fit  = without insole or with insole
The shoe comes with removable or customisable insole similar to the GoRun3 and GoRunRide2. Without the insole, it is a 4mm drop shoe. With the insole, it transform into an 8mm drop shoe. This "customisable" ride seems to be the theme for the Go-series with GoRunUltra having the same (identical) insole.
Smooth inner, allowing for sockless run or 4mm drop
Aesthetically, with the insole removed, Skechers has given the footbed the same treatment as GR3 and GRR2 with satin smooth feel. From experience (all 300km of it in the other two shoes), there is no hot spot or issues with the feet running on the inner surface of the shoe.
Cushioned and Structured
The "plushness" from this shoe comes mainly from the thicker add-on (insole). After running in the 8mm drop shoes, there is very little differences to the feel when compared to a 4mm drop shoe. So, it doesn't really bother me much. 

Sleeker profile compared to GRR2. Less bulky looking as well
One thing that I immediately noticed was how much the GRR3 looked like the GR3 - the sleeker cousin. The GRR2 was a bit on the bulky side due to the thicker cushioning but the refresh of materials has the GRR3 looking sleeker. 4-way mesh on the top with synthetic mesh on the side pretty much built the shoe on the upper portion. The use of synthetic overlay similar to GoRunUltra snug fit and structure to the shoe.
Non-stretch nylon on the toe box and the lacing down to the side, providing snug fit and support once you pull the laces.

Maintaining What Works
The pods at the sole were same as the GoRun series with a bit of additional changes to the tip of the toe that now looked like an additional crash-pad. Not entirely sure how this will aid in propulsion as it appear more of a design decision from Skechers to me.
That right. GoImpulse Pod
Like the other Go-series or Skechers Performance shoes, the M-strike comes as standard. The bump however, felt the same as GRR2 aka reduced (on paper) by 2mm. Perhaps it is also myself being used to the bump that function like the rocker-type of shoe (think see-saw).
Closer look at the front of the sole
The tongue of the GRR3 wasn't sewn down like the GRU, but it comes with a notch for you to lace through to hold the tongue up when you want to wear them. Not an issue for road-specific shoes as the chances of sand/grit getting into the shoe from the tongue will be minimal or at best, not going to happen unless you run offroad, or purposely run in a gravel road and kick up pebbles, literally.
Tongue not sewn down

The tongue is thicker than usual, which sort of remind me of the GoRunUltra. Doesn't bother me much but it has been a while since I come across a non-padded tongue similar to GoBionic and GoBionicRide. Perhaps the feedback from the other users is for thicker tongue?
Sexy curves
The heel portion is upturned and this minimises or help lessen the chances of heel striking on normal run. Again, I wish to reiterate that the M-Strike feature will encourage you to mid-foot strike, but won't change you from a heel-striking runner to a mid/forefoot lander. You will have to unlearn your running style and learn the best way to land - then the shoe WILL work in your favour. Having said that, my whole unlearning process was with the Skechers shoes with mid-foot strike, and I've successfully managed to run in a more efficient manner, thanks to Skechers.
I would like to see how other brands do this.
Talk about turning shoes to pretzels. Enough said.
Lightweight Despite the Bulk
Skechers rated the shoe to be 8.4oz for Men size 9, or about 238grams. My trusty scale scored a 230grams for US10. Perhaps it's time to get a digital scale and minimise these reading error eh?
about 230grams!
Anyhow, even at 240grams, the shoe is considered light for a cushioned trainer. Bearing in mind the additional material that goes into the Resalyte sole and the thicker tongue. 
Summing It Up
The GRR3 comes with:
- Resalyte sole that is actually memory foam
- GoImpulse pod that help distribute landing pressure and react to provide bounce and response
- M-Strike for that midfoot strike encouragement
- Ag-ion treatment for odor control (not that I have smelly feet)
- Lightweight 8.4oz for Men US9. Much lesser for women definitely

And with extras:
- Customisable sole 
- Newer materials that help to keep the weight down, while offering more cushioning and structure
- Swanky 3D print on the side, you see some pattern under the 4-way mesh
- Streamlined cutting and "takes away the bulk"
- Support for lateral movement  via synthetic like overlay on the side and more protection for the toes with the same synthetic overlay as protection

Note: This pair of Skechers GoRunRide3 is sponsored by Skechers Malaysia via collaboration with 2ndSkin Asia Athletes program. Thank you Skechers Malaysia and 2ndSkin! This pair is not launched yet. No pricing available at point of writing, but should be the same RM399 for men as indicative pricing. 

Opinion in this write up is my own and not influenced by Skechers Malaysia or 2ndSkin program.

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  1. I think better to have additional GoImpulse pod at heel side to make the sole last longer