Monday, November 25, 2013

Skechers GoRun3 Full Review

You may already read the unboxing of the GoRun3 in my blog previously. This update is yet to be launched in Malaysia and is expected to be available only in December 2013 and priced at the usual RM399 for men and RM369 for women in Peninsular Malaysia. Obviously being a "replacement" model to GoRun2, and having a GoRun2, I will compare both of them as to provide existing GR2 owner an overview and potential GoRun users a better understanding of what changed and what not - and most importantly, how crucial is the update to assist in the decision making. To start with, the GR3 is thicker than the GR2 when you compared them side by side. Make no mistake that this is intentional as feedback from runners globally prefer something thicker but with the 4mm drop still.
GR2 left and GR3 right
Heel cup of GR3 noticeably taller too
Front view looked the same
The outer profile showed that the GR3 is a relatively taller and wider shoe than the GR2. Surprisingly, these additional reinforcement added almost nothing to the total weight when compared to GR2. Amazing materials.
Some major noticeable differences is at the tongue of the shoe. Check how much the material has been reduced, which may give better ventilation on the upper feet on a hot day run.
GR2 (top) tongue compared to GR3(below)
The front portion Power-prene material in a new 4-way mesh provide more "air-space" between the skin and shoe for a claimed cooler ride.
GR3 (left) and GR2 (right). Do take note of the toe-protector material upgrade as well.
The insole had a total makeover with the thickness in GR3 to be greater than GR2 by at least one fold.
GR3 (yellow) vs GR2 (blue) top view
You can see that the shape of the insole on GR3 to be less "shaped" than GR2; the GR3 is more structured as well and "stiffer" due to more material. This I believe help to provide more cushion-feel to the shoe, apart from raising the "ride height" a bit more compared to GR2. The GR3 insoles are ribbed at the bottom and more pronounced (brand wise) with the S(kechers) embossed. See the picture below for close up.
GR3 insole has ribs - perhaps to prevent the insole from riding up/down?
GR3 on top and GR2 below
At the bottom, the sole has not change except for the heel where it is more pronounced or "cut" higher at the heel cup. Apart from the color, the sole is identical in pattern.
GR2 (top) = GR3 (bottom)
Some concerns on the durability of the GO series and I believe it could be how the sole are seen to wear off after a while. Due to the "pod" design of the sole compared to others that adopt a less aggressive design, the wear level could be similar between the Go series Resalytes. Below is an example of my GoRun2 after close to 250km. Apart from the expected wear at the fore and mid foot, the sole doesn't looked like it has worn out much. At 250km, this is expected (of GR2), i guess.
GoRun2 sole
Another look at the mid-section of the shoe provides some clue to how it will wear off in likely the least used section by many heel striker and forefoot runners.
GR3 (white) vs GR2 (Yellow)
Maybe my running style (midfoot striking) favours the wear and tear of the shoe better compared to heel-striker, and hence, see better mileage return or shoe lifespan. I noticed in the earlier days when I was using GoBionic, the wear at the heel was more significant as each heel-strike essentially mimic a "braking" motion, and thus, damages the material more? Do let me know and do share - I will feedback to Skechers for improvement.

Real Feel - sockless
The GR3 is definitely more cushioned compared to GR2. Again, this is due to the thicker insole in my opinion. Fitting is better compared to GR2 where the front does feel roomier. 
Fit : consistent for Skechers. US11 is US11. Toe-box roomy. Wiggling and spreading of all toes possible.
Cushioning : Bouncy with the higher ride and more Resalytes material. There is a nice "spring" feel to every step. Middle bump not as significant as I believe I am used to Skechers now (and the mid-foot bump)
Built: No complains, typical Skechers. Though check for any stray materials such as thread inside that could add on some hot-spot/blister point. I had this in the previous shoe and found a stray thread sticking out. Snipped it away and all ok.
You can see the significant more raised heel-cup from the photo above on the GR3. This is good as it also reduces the contact of any heel-strike and further enhance and encourage mid-foot strike. it worked for me and it is still WIP for wifey changing her running style - and it's happening.
First run on the GR3 were without socks and I blasted it on a 5km HIIT done in 21mins (Average 4:13 pace) and was stoked.

Verdict from the first run is that the shoe has more spring and bounce compared to GR2. There was a hotspot on my left feet, at the top between my last and 4th toe. Other area felt good with no hotspot.
After first 5km run in 21mins
Real Feel GR2 vs GR3
Things I do to review shoes and for general masses to make more informed choices. Yes, I've been running with one side of each shoe, opposite side at different occasion just to get a feel and feedback of how it could be different. The results were pretty good though after about 10km, it doesn't really felt significantly different as the muscles starts to fatigue over faster pace.
Immediate upon wearing the different side of the shoe, the small changes between GR2 and GR3 were felt. The ride height were higher on GR3 - making walking initially a bit clumsy as the feet landed earlier than the GR2 to the extend I thought I was kicking the shoe against the tarmac. 
The Big Boss laughing at me running on two different shoe at one time
Between the two model, I must say that the GR3 offers more cushioning and bounce. Both provide good mid-foot stride but the GR3 felt more supportive in the arch (I have normal feet) perhaps due to the thicker and more coverage insole.
How about the claim that it will be cooler (as in airflow)? I must say I did not really felt any differences in these shorter (about 10 to 15km) run, but the feet doesn't feel burning (at the sole) either. Based on experience on other thicker (and thus structured heavier lined shoe), I will feel the sole and feet to be hotter and it is often a relief to remove it at the end of the run. With the GR2 or GR3 (or any Skechers for that matter), it is always a pleasant feeling eventhough I drench it in sweat after a run.
Small steps, but make each count with correct landing and take off
So, how was it running in two different sides of shoe? I would say it's enlightening to feel how they both differ though it is from (technically) same family of GoRun. Honestly, they can name it differently and I would had believed it is two different model. I would place the GR3 to be between GR2 and GRR2 (GoRunRide2) in terms of cushioned, with GRR2 being ultimately cushioned (for now). So, if you are transitioning from a gel-like or air-like or cushion-like shoe, this could just be a good replacement choice. 
GR2 (yellow, including on wifey)) and GR3 - faceoff
Voyeuristic (slightly)
Perhaps it could be the "new shoe" feel. Breaking the GR3 in, I realised after about 30km in, it is still cushier than GR2. Honestly speaking if you already out-mileage your GR2 and looking for a replacement, GR3 is the way to go. It is scheduled to be out in December 2013 and will be priced at RM369 (women) and RM399 (men). I suggest that you try both the GR2 and GR3 to see if you will like the additional ride height on GR3. Keep in mind both are 4mm drop and provide close to "ground feel". Perhaps as I've been using Skechers shoes this whole year, I am more able to tell the differences between the two shoe's model (and update) that I am a bit more sensitive to the changes to these updates. 

Real Feel With Socks
I ran with socks a couple of time and it is more because I will use the shoe later in the afternoon (if I use it for a run in morning). Fitting is expected and obviously a bit snug due to the thickness of the socks. I would recommend that if you will be wearing this with socks, bring along the usual pair and try it out when buying. Last you want is a shoe too tight after wearing your socks and started to develop blisters that could had been avoided with a bit of planning when buying. 
I noticed with socks on, the hot spots were all eliminated. 

Verdict after 2 weeks of use (approximately 100km)

1. more cushioned
2. more bounce/spring
3. better fitting
4. non-noticeable cooler (compared to older model)
5. light as it is, another 10grams not going to make me go any faster, or slower

More Images
GR3 (right) has smoother surface compared to GR2 (left)
GR2 with less arch support
GR3 with insole for (more) arch support
The inner of the shoe between GR2 (left) and GR3 (right) with insole
Shape of the GR2 vs GR3 insole. One mimic the feet, the other with more arch support
The GR2 insole coming in at a cool 10grams/pair. GR3 clocked in at 20grams aka double the weight. Granted as the material thickness doubled as well.
Thumbs UP for GR3 (and GR2).
Note: This pair of Skechers GoRun3 is sponsored by Skechers Malaysia via collaboration with 2ndSkin Asia Athletes program. Thank you Skechers Malaysia and 2ndSkin! This pair of GoRun3 will retail for RM369(women) and RM399(men) and is available at all Skechers store in December 2013 or early January 2014. Stay tuned!


  1. I was wondering why your shoes were different colors. Now I know :) Orsum review as usual bro!

    1. I've done more extreme by runing with two different brand ;-)


  2. lucky i read your review almost bought the gr2...will wait till dec for gr3

  3. Is it possible that the GR3 felt more cushioned than the GR2 because your GR2's are not new?
    By the way - are you planning on reviewing the GoRun 3?

    1. Hello! This is the review of GR3 :D

      or do you meant GRR3?

  4. Sorry. Of course I meant the GRR3. Is there a review in the making?
    By the way- all Skechers shops here stock mainly women's running shoes, and i run in men's shoes. What's your opinion- will I be ok running in womens' shoes, or are there drastic differences that will ruin my runs?

    1. Miki. Yes. I've been running with ti the past 3 weeks. Clocking the mileage and seeing how it is different from other Skechers.

      Biggest differences between men-women shoe is the cutting as the women shoe tend to be narrower and it ends with smaller sizes (meaning no US10).

      If you have smaller feet, I do not see why not.