Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Musing

It wasn't easy for me to write what I did last week on the debunking of the (running) myth. To start with, it was by a friend (I hope she still consider me as one) and as biased it may sound, I try to take it to another angle - that exercising in any form is good. Yes, I did take a few weight plates from some of the lifters and in the process messed with their reps. I threw the punches, I surely can take a few in return. Key point is very much to how I take my running - body straight, head high, chest open. Breathe. Land correctly and propel forward.
Lokelani McMichael - Youngest women (at 18 in 1995) To complete the Ironman. Guinness Book of World Record
To the many Anons that has commented, thank you. I am wiser with your comments, as what is the world without any sharing? Perhaps, you may have learn a few things too from me, i hope. 

And here is why.

Back in 2011 when I had a rough patch career wise and was in depressive state of mind, i contemplated to turn my passion in sports to something that may generate income. Yes, I did turn to the possibility to get myself CERTIFIED.

But what stopped me was the fee involved and at what value it will bring to me, personally. I know of many certified PT and these are superb people I've known for years. They inspired me. They are truly passionate.
Allison Stoke - Pole vault  (she was 17 in this photo, now gunning for a spot in 2016 Olympic with US of A)
Then, there are the other end of certified instructors that basically treats the certification as a mean to make money, a mean to be "authoritative" and "look here, I am a certified yada-yada". I shall refrain from commenting more on this.

To PT-certified or not?  I stopped, reassessed, got a lot of feedback from almost everyone I know in the industry, family and friends...and finally decided I've not found my calling, yet. So, i rebuild my career, rebuild my fitness, change what was wrong, improve what was right. I have never look back since. But one thing I did right - was to embrace Social Media. was the best decision ever after blogging since 2004 as
Sam Briggs : Women World Champ Crossfit (ps - don't piss her off)

No sir, I've not charged a single sen for anything and everything I've shared; but God works in it's very strange way, in return, I received so much more return and blessings from friends and family that has appreciated what I've done and what I've shared. It may not be the best "certified" advice, but nothing beats sharing what I put myself through with no price tag on it.
Anna Frost - World Women Ultra Trail Champ. Mileage is her middle name
God forbid that one day the cycle of vicious career cycle returns and I am out jobless, again, that I may have the tenacity and grace, the wiser mind and please forbid me from cashing on this endless sharing I've done.

So in case my point weren't very clear - I wasn't bashing weight lifters, really. I was merely giving examples to contradict what running can do, and how the article was inaccurate to solely blame running for the sorry state of...ourselves. We all must learn to have a bit of humor along the way. Smile. Laugh. For that is what life is about. Isn't it? But I guess some of us take things too seriously. If we rely on the sports to earn a living, I guess that is granted (opps, is that why I am getting the comments?)...but as age-grouper competing in fun to have fun. :)

Malaysian hot babe - Kimbeley Yap. Functional muscles unlimited
Week 5 IMMY training completed. Not as productive as I wanted it to be (short of a few KM from Week 4 #ShitTriathletesSay eh?), but the body finally needed to take it a bit easier. I constantly push my own limits and share what I know, so some of you don't need to make the same mistakes as me. I am here for the long haul that I hope I will make the first certificate I have worth it - my birth.
This blog entry goes out to those of you that has inspired me in many ways. Too many to name. Some of you are famous and known in the (certified) fitness circle, all of you were who I wanted to be, maybe more! You live the lifestyle of fitness, inspiring many along the way.

Then there are those that lived their life the way I am envious - the swim, the bike and the runs, the ultras and the adventures, the darkest caves and the highest ridge and has remained under the radar and made the word "humble" seems boastful. All of you went to race at places we can only imagine, run with legends we only read in books and come back with just, perhaps, a wrist band and photos to tell the story. Medals and finisher T-shirts to you are too mainstream. No amount of certification WILL give you that.

Of course there are the average Joe's and Jane's like me, those that bravely get out of their comfort zone and set their foot and body to be better than they already were. I salute you for you inspires me in your own way, reminding me and keeping me grounded of how I started many moons ago. Indeed, we share the same passion - to be better and to share the love of exercising and a healthy lifestyle.

You all know who you are. I Thank YOU.

ps- The photos of the ladies of sports on the top were a request by my friend Khairul, that tells me that my blog will carry more weight (and readership) if I start including photos of hot women. IMHO, the hottest I know is the one below.

Love ya. Thank you for the endless support all these while

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