Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How is your Movember?

Last year, i tried to keep a moustache to commemorate Movember. You can read about it here. Movember is a movement to raise awareness for men related health issue particularly cancer and depression. So, this time around, as I promised in 2012, I will try to leave some facial hair for this cause. I must say over the past 12 months, I've learnt to groom and keep a fairly good Mo-bro. This was me in 2012.
2012 where hair were on vacation
This time around, with Movember ending soon in a week or two, there is a contest from GlassesOnline. They approached me via FB to help promote a contest where you stand to win some nice shades or optics. Here are more details.

Mo-Bro and Mo-Sis
GlassessOnline claim to be the biggest online retailer of glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses in Malaysia. They are celebrating Movember 2013 with a mustache contest, and they would like to ask you to participate and/or spread the news, 

All you have to do is make a post on your blog and send in a picture of yourself with a mustache on Instagram – but here’s the catch: it can be any mustache! It can be drawn, it can be a fake mustache, it can be a mustache ring, a T-shirt with a mustache … the list is limitless, the more creative the better; 

For more inspiration, please check out tje team’s crazy ideas here: bit.ly/GOMovember, and the contestants so far here: http://bit.ly/GOMovemberII.

Once they have your picture, they will add it to our Facebook Movember Album. The winner with the most Likes will win a pair of Nunettes glasses, a really fun brand that goes perfectly with mustaches, real or fake. 

ps -I will post a photo of me on Nov 30 when most of the hair comes back from vacation. ;-)


  1. Dear Tristupe,

    Looking forward to your IM70.3 Putrajaya course review. Its already out.