Friday, November 01, 2013

Week 3 IMMY Training

Rolling into Week3, literally. As a mean to keep myself motivated and readers informed, I will post my training mileage and progress as the weeks passes. Week 1 and 2 has been eye opening and made me re-think my personal fitness level. Loads of fine tuning and eating humble pie to reset the self-ego happens. When training for multi-sports over multi-discipline, the biggest challenge is striking a balance. It is not easy and up till NOW, I've not thrown in any SWIM as yet. Progressively, I will get there before end of Week 4. At time of writing, Week 3 has been an awesome 132km over 5hours of work put in, including the Powerman weekend training race. I foresee another 4 hours over 150km worth of work until this Saturday; this will level and exclude the race mileage and bring the number back to about 170km of pure training.
Week 2/50 Long Way To Go
Week 2 saw me clocking 128km. The next day it was Powerman Duathlon that will double up as a training session for me. Nothing will go to waste and everything will be approached with clinical precision. Happy to report that things stuck to what it should be and I was back training the day after Powerman.
As captured by wifey.
Motivation is at all time high. Body felt great. Recovery over night sleep were adequate (but we all wishes for more). Family been supportive so far and the real test will happen soon. I still have 3 weeks to work my training routine out; likely these basic will be the mainstay with more volume and specific intervals to boost the VO2Max and Lactate Threshold. Keep coming back as I will selectively post some updates and feedback.

By the way, if you been training hard and finding a bit watery in the nasal department (flu bug due to weaken immune system), you may want to revisit your nutrition department and check on what has been lacking. I've given my thoughts here : Essential Nutrition To Support Prolonged Training

Meanwhile - keep moving forward!

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