Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Lycraheroes : Triathlon Is Your Superpower

Men in tights because we can. Women look hot with the Lycra wrapped around the curves. Spectators oogle at (hotter) men running out of water, running at full speed to Transition and in matters of seconds, changed and zipped off in their state-of-the-art bike. For a brief moment, many of us felt like superheroes. I blame the Lycra. 
Lycraheroes on Facebook
Triathletes are a funny bunch. Most of us are down to earth and worry about the smallest thing - like will the CO2 canister explode in mid-air during flight, and will the explosion destroy the bike in transit; so what if the plane nose dive, my bike is more important. 

But are we really all that obnoxious?

Get to know the triathletes at a spank-ing (no pun intended) website known as Lycraheroes. A 100% local production and takes in opinion and comments from Age-groupers and share them out in one place. 

I've been contacted by the good people and has agreed to share some of my articles there. Another (faster, but not better looking) fellow triathlete Kevin Siah is also a regular contributor. We represent the age-grouper like the rest of you. 
Head over to the Facebook page and LIKE them for updates. Visit their webpage, and see what is in-store; there may be exclusive article there, we never know ;-)

Lycraheroes has everything you will need as an age-grouper to know about the sports. Go visit the site and see if you can see something relevant for you with those sharing.

ps- I have two  three articles featured there already, go check which one is it.