Friday, November 22, 2013

Which Skechers Are For You?

An article written by my Team 2ndSkin Principal on the choices of Skechers shoe. I thought this is a really good sharing to be cross-posted over to my humble blog here. While i share my review on each individual model that has been shared with me (to date, 8 pairs), Eugene went a bit better by providing a very comprehensive overview of what is in store in 2013 from Skechers. 
Skechers were not taken seriously until in recent years where the specific division was setup to cater for the running community. The Skechers Performance Division provided the best of what Skechers could offer to the running community - and it is a big mountain to climb where more established names (brand) conquers the market. 
2XU Run. GoMeb worn.
Thanks Victor for the photo
Personally, I've cycled through a few brands namely Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Brooks and Saucony. I've written pretty good compilation of running shoes review in this blog if you do want to look at it for comparison. 
Being part of the Team 2ndSkin and in collaboration with Skechers, I am in a better (definitely luckier) position to experience and thus share the many selected shoes so I could put them through their pace and provide a perspective of how they are. 
This entry will provide a good overview of the GO series. With Skechers, their pricing is no surprise as it will range between RM369 to RM429 and typically RM369 for women and RM399 for men. They have a membership card for purchases above RM300 (and thus qualifying you for discounts on next purchases, even on sales item) and free gift (seasonal, but do check). 
Check the posting below out, you may just find something you may like for your style of running.

GO Ahead, Make your Choice
Team 2ndskin, being partners with Skechers Malaysia for the year of 2013, are Skechers Performance Series Ambassadors. Since the start of the year, the team athletes have been wearing the range of Skechers Performance Series shoes, modeled by the GO range series. The team has been “pampered” by an excellent range of shoes from the cushy GoRun Ride early in the year, to the GoBionic Trail that eats up beaten tracks like a mountain goat. On our team blog, we have also been reviewing the wide range of Skechers Performance Series shoes and giving our honest thoughts on the subject. With that, naturally comes the question that I have been fielded numerous times since the start of the year.

“Which Skechers Performance model is suitable for me?”

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