Friday, November 29, 2013

Tour De Malaysia Run 2100km

There is a big initiative brewing among the running community and it gets crazier with the intended 2,100km that they aspire to complete. There is no prize at the end of the run only a lifetime of bragging rights. 
The intented date of start is on December 20th with a total of 12-days of running. They will aim to finish by December 31st to usher in the 2014 new year in a very meaningful way for them as the dream distance of 2,100km were achieved.
The organiser's objective, as shared in the official event website says 
"To unite all passionate ultra runners in regardless of background, age, the colour of the skin or where their homeland may be, to gather as a team to fulfil the common dream/vision of running around Malaysia."

Date / Time20-12-2013 , Friday | 10:01pm
Event LocationDataran Merdeka
Registration Start01-11-2013 , Friday
Closing Date15-12-2013 , Sunday

To know more of this crazy venture and adventure, or how to be part of it, including to run a sector (45km to 55km) of the planned 43 sectors, click here for more info :

Good Luck to all of you attempting this!

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