Thursday, November 07, 2013

Ironman Malaysia Open For Registration Today!

9am (GMT+8). November 7, 2013.
Updated 9:13am, November 7, 2013
I've just bought myself an early Birthday and Christmas present by managing to get into the system fast enough (or soon enough) and registered for both the Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya and Ironman Malaysia (in Langkawi). 

Total price was USD782.34 (USD749 for entry and USD 33.34 for Processing), which translate to MYR 2493.73 at today's bank rate of 3.1875. The USD749 breakdown is USD199 for 70.3 "Early-Early Bird" and USD550 for 140.6 "Early Bird". 
To enjoy the USD199 entry fee for IM70.3, you will need to register before the end of November 11. You have 5 days, from today (November 7) to do so.
Big Name Has Signed Up
On another note, those of you that signed up for the Ironman Malaysia will be racing alongside Craig "Crowie" Alexander! Time to pit yourself against the world best! 

Yes, Crowie was the first to sign on for IMMY! 
A Surprise Interview
Tomorrow November 8, 2013, on BFM 1600hours - The Bigger Picture with IRONMAN Asia Pacific CEO Geoff Meyer and 3 x World IRONMAN Champion Craig Alexander. You see it here first.
IMMelbourne. Source : Getty Images
Next Step

Now that the registration is done (for me), training will go on as usual. Everything is now geared towards the big day in September. The 70.3 will be used as a race preparation (long distance) training and many other races committed will be geared towards this purpose. 
It is not easy to train for an Ironman event. Many try to sneak in a 3-months intensive. Some do a 6-month plan. Truth is, if you want to enjoy the race and post in a time you can be very proud off, it is nothing less than 8-months - with the first 2 months dedicated for baseline training and the balance for structured approach. Remember to train smart and eat well. Don't forget those rest days and seek the balance in life. As an Age-grouper (30-39), it will be difficult to juggle a few things along the way, most importantly, Family always first, everything else will work around this. 


  1. Wahhhhhh... tahniah der!
    20% you dah menang :) @berani register.
    tinggal 70% to fight and 10% nasib kite di hari pertandingan
    minta jauhkan dari deman, sakit or apa apa lah...


  2. Looking forward to 2014 Ironman Malaysia in Langkawi. I'm registered and will start getting my base training established in the next few months.

    1. Nicely done. Train smart and keep injury out of the way. :D