Monday, November 11, 2013

Lyn Kong's Guide To Fitness For Busy People

"I would like to invite you to come for my book launch", Lyn Kong messaged me about two weeks ago. 
WOW! Another friend wrote a book. It was scheduled for a weekday and I decided to take time off to be part of this historical event of hers. 
Side Plank Made Easy, only if you are Lyn
Under the MPH Masterclass series, Malaysia-based authors will write a line of "How To" books of popular topics. Clearly, fitness for busy people is one of them. It promises to offer a step by step and explanations, including the right attitude to achieve the goal. Lyn Kong operates Get Active Sdn Bhd based in Mont Kiara. I was informed that Lyn is now out on her own and operating independently. (apologies for the wrong info)
Lyn is a certified CrossFit instructor and a Personal trainer. She has been helping people to get back in shape and stay in shape. The book is the next step to share her knowledge. 
Enjoy some of the event photos taken below.

Review of the Book

I was given (an autographed) copy of the book and read it cover to cover. As many of you already know, I am training for Ironman Malaysia in 2014. I was hoping to pick some tips up and I wasn't disappointed. Going through the book allowed me to "fine-tune" some aspect of my current training.
Reading the book provides me with some reaffirmation of the things I've been doing right and has been sharing in my blog (this blog). Many of the advices and sharing covers the three aspects of life as a working adult, seeking fitness, and performing sports on weekly, if not daily basis. The core of Living well, Eating well and Exercising well were the mainstay of the book as Lyn brings you page through page on things you can improve on.

As Lyn is a certified CrossFit coach, her approach to diet specific to the sports are what many should seek to emulate - Paleo or eating as much real food as possible. This meant minimal processed food (even cheese or flour-based products) and concentrating on eating wholesome food. This is something I can fully agree on.

She also set to break some hearts if you are fan of desert of sweet-toothed. Yes, that has to go as well if you are seeking (ultimately) a healthy body. 

In the book, Lyn stayed as true to her own lifestyle as possible - having her family involved and being the core of how and what she is today. She walks the talk (of fitness and living healthy, and fully), and the general consensus I get from people that know her was consistent with my own personal experience of knowing her - we met back in the early 2000 during one of those AXN Urban Challenge races. 

Her "10minutes approach to fitness" will attract many to want to find out "how to do it" and I found myself in a ever familiar High intensity interval training state-of-mind. Yes, this is part of my routine for training and it was a good reaffirmation on my own training log.

If you want to know better on how to improve on your current state of mind, your health and most of all, a quality living; this easy to read, non-technical, very layman approach guidance will provide adequate information, inspiration and motivation to flip through the pages more than just once. You may find yourself scribbling through as you add in your own notes - and that is how learning should be.

Lynn's book can be purchased at MPH bookstore nationwide or you can buy them online here

Standing tall and giving it all
Lyn can be found on Facebook Page Here

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