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GoRunSpeed aka GoMeb Unboxing

This has got to be the most exciting variant of shoes from Skechers Malaysia that I've received less than 10 days ago. I made no secret about the excitement when I started posting photos of it when collecting from 1Utama store.
GoRunSpeed aka GoMeb?
Yes, such name for the shoe. Skechers as a brand has more or less stuck to a few naming convention. The GO series refers to the Skechers Performance Division. The Bionic sub group refers to Minimalist. The Run sub group specific for running, the Trail sub group for trail shoes. Then you have the sub-sub group that has the addition of numbers, denoting the "generation", or  the Ride - specific for cushioning and this, the Speed, well, for speed. So, when I reviewed the shoe I try to be as specific and accurate as possible. GoRunSpeed is also known as GoMeb.
And who is Meb? And why is he so special that he was given an honor of a shoe named after him?
Meb Keflezighi is an American that was born in Asmara, Eritrea (which, by the way, I just found out, is at the northwest of Africa continent). He was a refuge coming in from Italy, before ending up in USA at age 12. He is 38 years old, "past his prime", they say.
His association with Skechers happened when he was dropped by another brand. This shoe was developed by Meb and the Skechers team and specific to Meb running the 42km race.
Shoe Built For Speed. But can YOU handle it?
For the record, Meb has a personal best (PB) of 2:09:08 for marathon and could easily run a 10km race in 27:13:98. That in my book, is super fast.
The Man.
When Skechers offered me a pair for review as part of the 2ndSkin collaboration, I was excited. I get a chance to wear a shoe made for a fast man, or rather, a shoe a Fast Man asked Skechers to make. If you are interested to read and know more about Meb, this is from Wikipedia.
Run To Win!
The GoMeb
First the marketing portion. The GoMeb boost of a seamless interior with microfiber lining for maximal comfort. That ultimately also meant blister free.
Suede-dy outer
The weight of GoMeb is impressively light. bear in mind that this is a full-fledged racer with support. It comes in at 7.5ounces (212grams) for the Men US9. I took the US11 and it came in at impressive 220grams. Just 0.3ounces more than the official weight. Just that much differences despite the larger size. Photo in the full review!
Light Racer
The GoMeb is marketed as a Racer. What it essentially meant is that it is a racing flat. It is meant for one thing and it is to get the athlete to finish the race fast. So, this shoe does come with a lot of expectations; and the major part of it would be on the wearer to keep up with the shoe.
Lightweight Resalyte and GoImpulse sensor - standard on GoRun variant shoes.
Standard for the shoe is the Resalyte, GoImpulse sensor and the "M"idfoot strike features. This is a 4mm drop shoe, which made it consistent with the GoRun2 I am wearing.
Carbon Fiber? Wait for it!
Here is the shoe, unboxed. I love the feel of opening up something new. Even though I already wore this pair in the shop, nothing beats (re)opening it again for that new feel. I like it that the shop pack it all back again, like how it should.
Comes with extra laces.
The shoe, at first look give a very clean line. Mixture of synthetic materials to offer both lightweight and structure. The upper are mostly welded together with very little stitching - perhaps to shave off the weight.
Suede-like material with synthetic material bonding
Follow through the back of the shoe as well.
The GoMeb i chosed was red-yellow. Reason for this was because I do not have a red shoe to match my red tri-top. Yes, we triatlethes are lame. But with a shoe this loud (in color), do expect us to perform too.
slightly diffferent from the graphic as the word "Skechers" was not etched on the front (please see the photo above)
So from this unboxing, we found know the similarity is with the Resalyte, M-Strike, 4mm Drop and GoImpulse sensor. If you want to add in "Awesome color", it is also a similarity then ;-)
The similarities stops there. As this shoe is totally different from what you has seen in the GoRun, the GoTrail and the GoBionic beyond this sentence.The Differences
This shoe is a racing flat. The fit is very snug in the front, which has caused me to go 1-size up. First feel of the shoe is the obvious stiffness when compared to GoRun2. The notable bump familiar in the Go series is notably less pronounced even when compared to the GoBionic. Rated at (mm) forefoot - midfoot - heel at 14-19.5-18 which resulted in a 4mm drop (heel minus forefoot), it actually profiled pretty flat. 
Top and Bottom
Up on the front for durability and also some toe protection is a rubberised or rubber like material covering the front. This lend some structure to the toe box as well. My previous experience with another brand shoe has shown that a badly reinforced toebox will shorten the life duty of the shoe. Skechers does this by using the material for reinforcement.
Noticed the shinier synthetic/rubber part
Add on the Swanky-factors
The bottom of the shoe or sole is the GoImpulse. I know I did mentioned it to be "the same" as the GoRun2. I would need to highlight the biggest difference here is the inclusion of a reinforced plate that Skechers marketed as "Carbon Fiber". 
Black thingy in the hole
This plate is situated in the midfoot section thus increasing the rigidness of the shoe. Infact, this is the "most rigid" shoe I've ever worn from Skechers. Not helping the other shoes allow you to literally roll up. However, this rigidity is a feedback from Meb. He said it's good, I am not going to challenge that. 
The Carbon Fiber
I am no material experts, but i feel the torsion plate is a specific thermoplastic that functions like carbon fiber. The intention is to lend strength and also allow for the shoe to "spring"  or "bounce" when bended/under pressure. This will create an energy return of some sort, lending a small portion of energy savings. It could be a carbon fiber reinforced polymer. Whatever it is, it sure made the shoe stand out. I was told by a triathlete friend that a similar featured shoe cost him almost RM600. The GoMeb retailed for RM419 or RM10 more than the usual GoRun series (for male, Peninsular Malaysia). How does this plate provide/lend stability and help with my run? My full review of the shoe in motion will come in soon. Wait up for that.
The GoMeb shoe tongue comes undone this time. Unlike the other GoRun (or Bionic or Trail), this pair has the tongue not sewn to the shoe. This strengthen my point of this shoe being a racing flat similar to what many other manufacturer has. Perhaps there are some merit in this configuration and through my (spoiler ahead) testing and reviewing of the shoe, i found the reason why - it was for the fit as the shoe is narrow. Un-sewn tongue allows the top to be more "open" instead of constricted. 
A lace - tongue holder
The tongue comes with a lace holder as a mean to hold the tongue when you are not wearing it. In a way, it should allow for trouble free or bunching-free when you wear the shoe in  a rush (like in transition, triathlon specifically).
The inner portion of the shoe claimed to be microfiber so you an actually wear them sockless. 
Almost smooth
Flatlock stitching could be seen inside the shoe which provide a smoother feel with the skin. However experience of wearing the shoe sockless (spoiler) provide me with a slightly less smooth surface when compared to GoRun2. 
The heel cup however, was fully lined with suede-like material. Perhaps this is the microfiber extention too. It is also used under the shoe's tongue.
Smooth like a baby's skin
Microfiber under tongue
Unlike the other Skechers I reviewed, the GoMeb comes with the sockliner glued to the shoe. Meaning, you can't remove it. If you are looking for customised fitting, GoMeb will provide lesser of this feature other than lacing options to accommodate not-so-narrow-feet.
Stuck On You
The feel of the sockliner, however, is super smooth. it actually felt very comforting wearing it without socks. If you wonder my feet slip when wearing it (as it's soft and smooth), the answer is no. My feet felt secured. This again, likely due to the snug fit.
small little breathing holes
On question of flexibility, the GoMeb is structured when compared to the other shoes' I've reviewed. Apart from having a stiffer midsole, the back cup/heel could not be pressed down more than 25%. 
Maximum I can press
This is not a bad or good thing if you ask me. Just as a way to illustrate since some of us might be spoilt by the idea of the shoe being soft. Perhaps this will provide those looking for a bit more structure to a racing flat something to look forward? I am not sure. To be honest, I am impartial. Blisters at the heel are often caused by bad fitting of the shoe and/or the back portion being too high it cuts into your Achilles (I've experienced with a brand (shall not be named) before)
I would recommend this shoe to anyone looking for a fast racing flats. This shoe stiffer construction will suit faster runner and faster footwork more. Being a racing flats, it auger well for those that are looking for a lightweight and responsive racing flats. Save this for A-list race as every little bit (of technology) might just help. 
Some extra photos of the shoes.
Meb's official shoe. I wish there is a GoStupe, soon. Haha.
The interior, looked very breathable (spoiler - it is)
The very contrasting color of GoImpulse.
The shoe comes with two pairs of laces. I kitted them with both lace. :) 
GoRun(S)peed :D
Next, the GoMeb Full Review.

Note: This pair of Skechers GoRunSpeed or GoMeb is sponsored by Skechers Malaysia via collaboration with 2ndSkin Asia Athletes program. Thank you Skechers Malaysia and 2ndSkin! This pair of GoBRunSpeed or GoMeb retail (Peninsular)for RM399 (Women) and RM419 (Men), and (Sabah/Sarawak) for RM409(Women) and 429(Men) and is available at all Skechers store. 

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