Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review : Handguard For Motorbike

I was surfing DX.Com - Deal Extreme and chance upon SKU#190823 which is a handguard for motorbike. I purchased it and it was delivered within 3 weeks to me. 
How it arrived. Actual condition had the packaging folded at the edge due to postal handling. Photo from
Apart from aesthetic, the handguard purpose are to:
  • protection against objects such as unidentified flying objects such as stone flying off trucks;
  • Accident caused by activation of brake lever as I hit into an object, like a car side mirror during traffic jam; and
  • Hitting trees or branches should i take this bike into the trails.
The handguard are made from ABS plastic and without any metal insert. Some bikers might prefer the more solid metal handguard for enhanced safety especially riding in fast trail. For myself that uses the bike mainly for commuting and within speed limit, having this simple handguard were more than sufficient for my need.
The product came with sufficient mounting accessories to lock the handguard into place of a typical supermoto or motard handlebar. The installation is easy and takes less than 15minutes once you can find the spot to clamp the handguard on.
Received it as it was

My bike, as I found out, came with a non-hollow handlebar and it has a nut welded onto the handlebar end. I have no choice but to reuse the original screw and not use the longer thicker screws with the sharp-pointed mounting that came with this handguard. Not an issue as the whole purpose is to secure the handguard to the bar end.
How it was installed at the bar end
Then you need to find a place to clamp the other end. As the bike came with a riser bar, there are sufficient place to mount it. However, due to the angle of mounting, you will need to flex the clamp end to insert the other screw and nut.
Right under the riser's cross bar
Then it is just a matter of tightening the screws at both end and adjustment to your personal liking. Installed, the handguard provide a "cocoon" for your hand to protect from potential objects you will encounter on the road while moving.
Here are some photos of the installed handguard. I must say it changed the outlook of the bike totally.
Front right view covering the brake lever
Side view of the right handlebar, protecting the brake lever
Side view Left Handlebar covering and protecting the clutch lever
Front view of the left handguard.
If you are interested to get this for your scrambler, supermoto or motard, go over to DX.Com - Deal Extreme and search for SKU#190823. This handguard is USD15.00 including normal postage that will take up to three weeks.

This review is done as part of the review program. Items are purchased from the website and I am to provide honest opinion of the purchase (made online). I have been buying from for the past three years with good experience.


  1. muchas gracias me fue muy util. saludos desde argentina

  2. Does these guard your hands from wind? I'm trying to get some handguards for winter-riding here in Norway, and the sole purpose for me would be to deflect wind so my hands don't get chilled.

    Hope you'll find the time to reply :)

    1. Magnus - get one of those that has a full cover. This one doesn't protect handchill. In Tropical Malaysia, it is not an issue. In are talking about needing a heated grip!

    2. Hi, and thanks for the reply (did not notice it until I stumbled back onto this site).

      I've got heated grips on my bike, and yes, it's needed :P

  3. Thanks for this great review!! I just have a question: Is your bike a keeway TX? I ask because I own a RK3 and I was just wondering if they will fit in the handlebar. The main use of them is the same as Magnus Moe, but here in Mexico is not as cold as Norway, so I think they will provide enough protection... Thanks a lot!