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Skechers GoBionic2 Unboxing

About 18 months ago, I was given my first pair of Skechers shoe. It was the GoBionic that has opened up my thoughts on a shoe that I've often chided to be linked to a pop star. Fast forward to June 2014, I've been spoilt by the collaboration between 2ndSkin and Skechers and has on my end all the opportunity to test out new shoes, sometimes not even out in the market yet, and to provide feedback to Skechers Malaysia for potential improvement. I am still counting my blessing as I am writing this. Today, I am sharing with you seedling pair (aka not in mass production yet) of what will be known as GoBionic2.
GoBionic2 Unboxing
Here is a quick look of how GoBionic, the original first generation looked like.
Read the Skechers GoBionic Unboxing Here
And this is how the new GoBionic2 (GB2) looked like.
Completely different outlook
You would agree with me it was a complete makeover for the GB to be GB2. The differences were almost two different shoe at first glance. That is until you flip them over and it kept the same 18-individual pods that conform to your style of running.
Other similarity are the sewn down tongue and the super light weight feel. Do bear in mind that this shoe I obtained is a seeding pair and not a production pair, meaning the finishing is not as nice and for sole purpose of testing.
Major Refresh
If you remember my review for GoRun3, the upper material known as Power-prene. The Synthetic lightweight material offers improved air-circulation and keeping the feet cooler. The flexibility allow the feet to splay upfront on landing offering the same feel and stability as GB.
The 4-way mesh continues to the side and to the rear similar as GR3 which offers better ventilation with added flexibility and control. It is amazing what this rather flimsy-light shoe can do. Those wearing the GB will know what I meant.
The tongue is now slightly more padded (anything from not padded to something is padded) and I love the new feel that you do not feel the laces that much when strapping up. It also allow a bit more tightening for more secured fit. The lace runs asymmetrical, meaning it is slanted and this correspond well with how our legs are shaped.
The heel cup has a bit more structure where it is not as soft like GB. Pros and Cons for this and we will find out when I take the shoe out for a run or two. But I will concentrate on the unboxing experience first.The last changes from the original is at the insole. Previous GB insert is light and thin, adding nothing more than just a "paper" like insole that serves it's purpose. The new one is thicker, and transform the shoe from Zero Drop to 4mm drop just by putting in the insole. I say this is awesome as we will have the ability to customise the feel - and that was what Skechers wanted from the Go-series Performance shoe : something for everyone.
Sole - from 0mm drop to 4mm drop
Weight wise, the already light GB2 claimed to be slightly heavier when compared to the GB. For me, a light shoe with a bit of "fat" is still a light shoe. Impartial to it as what is more important is how it feel on the run. That will be something I will cover in the next review entry.

Technical Specs :


  • GObionic Engineering: 18 bio-responsive zones on outsole
  • Zones are fully articulated to move with your foot for a more natural feeling
  • Resalyte™ Cushioning: 10mm of Resalyte™ absorbs impact and offers comfort
  • Engineered to promote a midfoot strike
  • Zero drop heel design
  • Power-Prene on upper provides breathability while maintaining structural flexibility
  • Thicker insole than original Skechers GObionic for added support and stability
  • Optional Custom-Fit insoles adds even more support and cushioning
  • Weight: 6.5 oz. per shoe in a men's size 9
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  • Ultra lightweight mesh and synthetic upper
  • 4-way stretch mesh panels
  • Reflective detail
  • Agion scent protection for barefoot comfort.
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  1. The GB2 seems like a look upgrade from the first gen. GB. Nice! I have been using the first gen. GB for a couple of months now. The orange grey colourway. Excellent running shoes! Sketchers has done well on the first gen. GB except for the darn looks. But looks are only skin deep, especially when you have a wide toe room and a minimalist ultralight design. Looking forward to your next post on the GB2 in action. Cheers. From the "A*hole," Sunil B ;-)