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Skechers GoRun2 : Unboxing

This is my third pair of Skechers Performance Shoe that was given as part of sponsorship between Team 2ndSkin and Skechers Malaysia. I've got (and still is) good experience with the GoBionic and the GoTrail. I even went and bought wifey a GoTrail for Sabah Adventure Challenge. I believe the plus point of (both) the shoe is the flexibility and the larger toe box that allow the feet to spread out naturally like when barefoot. This helps to cushion and distribute the impact upon landing.
When Skechers Malaysia informed the team principle that we will be getting GoRun2 to try out, I know I was excited. This shoe has only been launched earlier this year and it was an improvement from the original GoRun.
Taken from Skechers Performance Malaysia Facebook page
It is designed to be lighter and with M-strike to promote midfoot strike.
A more "cushioned" Skechers
I am now used to wearing minimalist shoes and love the "almost not there" feel of the shoe weight. This GoRun2, much like the other two Go-shoes i have share many common features. To list them down:
- Resa sole. Proprietary rubber that contributes to the lightness and durability.
- M-strike. Promoting midfoot landing
- GoImpulse sensor. Footpod that conform and reacts to your landing.
- Super flexible. You can fold the shoe up, literally.
- Sewn shoe tongue. I start to take these for granted now and start to complain i need to hold the tongue of some shoe when slipping my feet in.
This shoe is a 4mm drop shoe which offers a bit of cushioning and good for transitioning if you are heading the minimalist direction. The distinctive "bump" in the mid-sole is characteristic of the M-strike. I know wifey felt funny when she wore the shoe the first time.
Weighing in at 6.7oz or 189grams (for size US10), this shoe is light for the amount of promised cushioning. I am not going to complain about the weight. You see, I collected this shoe when I bought the GoTrail for wifey. Wifey's box was empty and without looking at which box holds which shoe, I did a blind test and try to lift up the boxes to see which box has a shoe (without shaking it, that would be cheating ;-)) A box with the shoe and a box without the shoe felt about the same weight. I kid you not!
Carrying on from the Garmin Fenix unboxing, I've decided to do a video blog. That way, the item can be seen in it's full glory. And with the GoRun2, this is made more prominent with the super floro color. Don't go blind (in HD).

Real Feel
I've taken the US11 instead of my usual US10. The fitting on the GoRun2 is similar to the GoTrail. Insanely comfy the moment you slip you fit in. It is hard to believe show with this minimal cushioning provides that much of "plush-like" feel. I attribute this to the Resalyte and the GoImpulse. They both provide that extra feel minus the bulk. Compared to GoBionic, the feel is definitely towards a trainer. That however, is an unfair comparison as the GoBionic is a zero-drop shoe and minimalist to the core.
GoImpulse Footpod
One thing i noticed to be similar among the three Skechers shoe I have is the soft heel cup. When you wear it, the heel cup sort of mold into your heel. No chaffing issues on the back of the feet for sure. 
The soft heel cup
Another improvement that was made on the shoe is the 4-way stretchable material. The GoBionic and GoTrail has been very stretchable in my opinion. I can't wait to see what differences this new feature will provide me in terms of performance.
Close up of the 4-way mesh
 I have in mind that this GoRUn2 will be used mainly for my training and occasional longer run. This shoe looked promising out-of-the-box. It is just not the color, but the overall construction and feel. I hope I won't be wrong.
Full review soon. 
How Mid-foot strike are achieved. Shoe curves at the front and back, making the feet land/bias mid-foot first
Flat-lock stiching minimises potential hot-spot that causes chaffing inside the shoe
My team Principle has written a brilliant piece with regards to comparing the GoRun and GoRun2. Click here to read about it. He has went through all three cycle of Skechers GoRun. My Teammate Jun Shen has reviewed it too. Click here for his review.
Much To Say About Sole
Note: This pair of Skechers GoRun2 is sponsored by Skechers Malaysia via collaboration with 2ndSkin Asia Athletes program. Thank you Skechers Malaysia and 2ndSkin! This pair of GoRun2 retail for RM399 and is available at all Skechers store

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