Monday, April 15, 2013

Malaysia Women Marathon : Supporting The Race

This is a cross-posting from my Team 2ndSkin blog where the Team Captain speak about giving back in the form of supporting the full marathon runners during the just concluded Malaysia Women Marathon. This is the team's report. Enjoy.
Project CARES - Team 2ndskin Support Station at Malaysia Women Marathon

As part of our activities lined up under Team 2ndskin’s Project CARES, we put together a little support station at the inaugural Malaysia Women Marathon held at Shah Alam on the 7th of April 2013. The intention of this support station was to offer complimentary electrolyte drinks (Hammer FIZZ), water, cut watermelons, basic first aid and support, ice-cold water sprays for cooling off and generally just moral support for the runners. As runners ourselves, we understand how the little things help to motivate the runners who are putting their physical and mental conditions to the test, especially out on the race course of a full marathon. It gives us great satisfaction to be able to give a little back to the running community and at the same time foster camaraderie amongst all runners.

We are glad that the support station was well received by the runners and that everyone generally had a great time at our pit-stop. Kudos to the team for getting up in the wee hours to be at the 27th km mark early so that we could prepare and setup for even the fastest runner to come through. The following photo-log will tell a little bit more about the story.

Setting Up
Setting Up The Sponsors' Banners
All Done and Ready!
Making Hammer Nutrition Endurolyte FIZZ - Ice COLD, no less
Team Skechers
Team Garmin
Picnic time! Huge crowd at Team 2ndSkin Booth
Having Fun!
Low Crowd = Reloading time. Where is the ice?
Very F1 Pit-stop like!
The Ultra-runners antic!
Hammer FIZZ, Watermelon and cold water spray for everyone running past our station
We have Fans!!! (we hope they are...haha!)
The Team (L-R) : Ee-Van, Annie, Yip, Chan, Eugene, Roy and Jason
Special thanks to be accorded to Team 2ndskin’s sponsors for 2013:
Hammer Nutrition for supplying the Hammer FIZZ electrolytes that were a hit with the runners! Special mention also to Liz Roberts from Hammer who completed her first Marathon at this event!

Skechers Performance Malaysia and also Garmin Malaysia for always being there to support us in all our activities.

Kudos also to Karen Loh and her team of organizers who made this inaugural Malaysia Women Marathon a success. We believe all the runners had an amazing time (judging from the response and feedback from the crowd) and the participation will definitely grow with the coming years.

Team 2ndskin will also continue to support the MWM in the coming years, in whatever way possible.